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What Is 3Commas

The team behind the project aims to minimize investor risk by limiting the risk of loss and maximizing profits. Their experience in a particular area of the project aims to appeal to investors of all sizes.

The user-friendly interface allows you to develop your own unique trading strategy. You can create your own trading strategy by displaying trading activities of other users across multiple exchanges.


As the emerging cryptocurrency market and the investment world evolve, trading, chart analysis are guaranteed to work with the best Bitcoin trading bots and systems, but there is a real risk.

Automated trading bots can be customized to link multiple exchanges and work around the clock. For example, a beginner in cryptocurrency can open an account connected to a stock exchange and enter copy trading. Let’s take a look at the 3-point SmartTrade terminal to see how it works and the benefits of execution: buy low, sell high, open and close stores.

In this article we review 3 commas, one of the most respected crypto-trading bot services. At its core, 3.commas is an online platform for people interested in trading cryptocurrencies using automated bots. These bots allow both beginners and experienced traders to maximize their trading potential and participate in the 24-hour market without fear of potentially inefficient areas.

The platform is easy for new traders to navigate and trading bots are easy to set up. The dashboard is easy to navigate, and users can choose from a number of options to configure their trading bot in addition to a good amount of available information and a detailed bot performance analysis. With various features that are easily accessible, your account is connected to the exchange and smart trading bots can be set up with one click.

You can sign up for learning about cryptocurrencies, Bot Trading, technical analysis and learning at your own pace to be a successful trader. If you want to implement a bot of your own trading strategy or copy another trading strategy, you can buy either Advanced Plan or Pro Plan. Members also have access to Business School, 3 commas, paper trading and an active learning community.

Portfolio management is an important aspect of cryptocurrency trading and 3 commas provide useful portfolio functionality in a simple and intuitive format. Manual trading allows you to place buy and sell orders across multiple exchanges from one window, which is a very useful feature. As a 3 point user, you can automate your bot in many ways, including replicating the actions of successful traders, trading orders and tracking top portfolios.

This handy protocol allows you to plan your trading strategy on losses, profits, percentages, price points and a range of other market conditions. If you are a newcomer who has little or no experience with trading strategies, you can copy the trading portfolios of other 3-comma users. However, if you are an experienced trader who wants to adjust your own trading conditions, you will feel comfortable.

If you want to make multi-billion dollar cryptotransactions without much experience, consider the benefits of automated trading. We have separated the most important features of the automated trading bot into 3 commas, but it is important to note that you do not need to install any technical analysis, metrics or decision making processes.

If you can’t keep up with the volatile Crypto market using your manual trading strategy, at least not as a crypto beginner, this is where trading bots come into play. Trading bots can help you trade crypto in your sleep. Many trading bots allow you to use ready-made trading strategies developed by advanced crypto traders.

In addition, users can engage in social trading by tracking and copying the actions of other successful traders. In short, many trading bots allow emotionless trading, resulting in consistent and profitable trades based on your strategy. The use of social trading platforms and popular trading bot services can bring the best returns and losses.

Multiple crypto exchange accounts can be connected to crypto trading bots on the 3-comma platform. If you have different cryptocurrencies spread across different exchanges, you can connect them to a cloud trading bot and start trading from any connected account. Once you have decided on a trading strategy, all you have to do is link your exchange accounts on the platform.

If you don’t want to automate everything, bots are a great option, as you can manage trading orders from your cryptocurrency exchange account with one click. To activate your chosen automated strategy and place transactions, you get access to the 3-comma platform.


A trading robot can connect to 13 popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex and Coinbase Pro. The trading robot has many functions, including market orders, short sales, stop loss, profit orders, tow orders and composite robots. Analyze historical gains and losses of trading robot, trading pairs and volumes and if desired, choose which traders you want to copy.

There are many crypto-trade bots on the market today that can help you save time, keep your mind and make a profit with crypto. In this post we will review two of the most popular crypto robots: 3 commas and Pionex Stoic, a smart way to automate your crypto business with AI. Due to the user-defined parameters, it is difficult to assess the exact profitability of the 3, comma trading bot.

Bitsgap offers both newcomers and experienced traders who rely on arbitrage trading. If we compare Cryptohopper and 3 commas, we can conclude that the two are in a dead heat for the crown of the most prominent cryptocurrency trading bot with the latter offering some benefits such as a free trial, a low-cost, feature-rich starter pack and a larger marketplace for established brands of arbitrage bots. On the other hand, 3comma has broad support from 23 exchanges, while only 12 exchanges support Cryptohoppers.

In a short trade, the price of the chosen currency increases, leading to execution and sale of the underlying cryptocurrency. The 3 comma denotes the desired profit level. A security order is issued to ensure that the bot makes a purchase for a certain percentage of the increase when this happens.

3Commas Review

It is interesting to show that the free version is limited to active smart trades, DCA bots, grid bots, options bots and paper trades. The other three paid plans vary in their advanced features and are tied to the Pro plan, which is $99 a month or $4.95 if you pay upfront or once a year.

If you want to integrate bots into your own trading strategies or copy other users “strategies, you need to buy the more advanced pro plan. The Pro-Plan also includes a Smart Trade Terminal, which programms all necessary trading functions and performs manual trades for your account.

Manual trading allows you to operate buy and sell orders on multiple exchanges in one window, which is a very useful feature. You can also customize your own bots and buy-and-trade strategies for each market.

It is very attractive to people with a technical background in finance and extensive experience on the stock market. 3commas is one of the most respected cryptoservices and online platform for people interested in trading cryptocurrencies using automated bots. These bots can be personalized, linked to multiple exchanges and used around the clock throughout the year.

The platform is simple to navigate for new traders and the trading bots are easy to set up. Various features are accessible from your account, and once connected to a stock exchange, smart trade bots can be set up with one click. As a 3-point user, you can automate your bot in many ways, including to duplicate trade orders, to automate trade orders and to track top portfolios.

Connecting to exchanges is a breeze and simple bots can be created with just a few clicks. You can follow the steps in minutes to configure a Trading Bot, and the whole process is easy enough for other newcomers to follow. There is also a handy protocol that allows you to pre-program your trading strategy for losses, profits, percentages, price points and a variety of other market conditions.

Multiple crypto-exchange accounts can be connected on the platform to a crypto-traded bot. If you have different currencies spread across different exchanges, you can connect them to a cloud trading bot and trade without needing to login to another account. It is also possible to customize unique trading positions via the user interface.

This is where trading bots come into play if you cannot keep up with the volatile Crypto market with your manual trading strategy, at least not as a crypto-beginner. Trading bots help you trade crypto while you sleep. Standard speed in responding to changing market conditions and speed in ordering and shipping are for any trading platform standard speed.

Many trading bots allow you to use ready-made trading strategies compiled by advanced crypto traders. In short, they facilitate emotionsless trading – resulting in consistent and profitable trades based on your strategy. With unlimited potential and greater capabilities than human traders, bots can be a profitable enterprise.

While free crypto trading bots are available to most people, we recommend paying a small fee for proper service and ease of use of your trades. Just like normal people, you and we can follow you around the clock.

You can choose to use automated trading bots to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on your behalf. For example, if you want to program your trading bot to purchase $10,000 worth of Bitcoin assets on Binance and sell $11,000 worth of Bitcoin coins, you can do it in the 3rd comma.

The team has not gone into detail about the security protocol they have chosen but it is worth noting that your trading bot will not be able to withdraw from your linked account if you do not keep any money on the platform. Once the bot is set up, users can begin long or short trades and short trades when the price in the selected currency rises, leading to the sale of the underlying cryptocurrency when the desired profit level is reached. There is also a smart trading feature that helps experienced traders to optimize the bots strategy.

The automated crypto-trading bot has a wealth of flexible functions. It can be set to hit precise targets, be placed in gambling mode for unexpected winnings, and get a quick and sharp marker of where the prize is going. With 3 commas it can connect to any known cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Miami-based 3commas cryptocurrency platform has entered into strategic partnerships with many prominent exchanges including Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex and Huobi. These partnerships allow the platform to operate with the API protocol alongside some of the world’s largest exchanges. The platform has a number of innovative trading features and integrated custom bots that have been tested and used by a number of leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Learn how to be a successful trader at your own pace by learning about cryptocurrencies, bot trading and technical analysis. Members have access to a business school with 3 commas, the paper trade and an active learning community.

Use a paper trading account to practice trading in cryptocurrencies and experiment with trading strategies to buy and sell coins without fear of losing real money. The 3-point platform offers paper trading where you can practice your strategies, test your bots in a simulated crypto market and put your real money on line. In real time, monitor the performance of your cryptoinvestments using candles, charts, price lines and coin markets prices over a fixed period of time.

Smart Trade simplifies the monitoring process for crypto traders, blocks your profits and reduces losses. If you want to trade with the advanced features of the interface, you can trade with 3 commas in the Smart Trade Dashboard. In a single interface, you can copy the configuration of bots and other race – buy signals from external vendors and copy the trades of the best trader on the 3-point marketplace.


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