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When the total funds in my account ran out, I hired Fusion Media to do some research through brokers. In the 8 months I spent researching, researching, evaluating, and studying broker systems, I found that many of the things I outlined above are traders reading and understanding what is happening in binary and synthetic index markets. Fusion Media offers a variety of markets with its SmartTrader Web trader, including simulated markets, so-called volatility indexes and some types of synthetic indices.

Synthetic indices imply the clotting of many simulated markets, including the boom and crash indices. Some of these markets are more profitable than the indices themselves, such as the volatility index. If a trader wants to trade more markets than simulated markets, the volatility indexes are called, which are a type of synthetic index. He or she must open an MT5 synthetic account which is created in the MetaTrader tab (top right in SmartTrader web trader) and synthetic indices trade with a CFD.

There are two types of boom indices: the Boom 500 Index and the Boom 1000 Index. The Boom 1000 index has an average price decline of 1% over a series of 500 ticks, while the Crash 1000 index has an average price series of 1,000 ticks with only one drop. The crash index consists of two types: the crash 1000 index and the crash 500 index.

The BOOM-500 index shows an average of 1 peak per price line every 500 ticks, while the BOOM-1000 index shows an average of 1 peak per price line per 1,000 ticks. On average, the CRASH 1000 and 500 index is down every 1000 to 500 ticks. Both indices have on average about one spike in each price series, occurring every 1000-500 ticks.

In this video you can see how to make money from online trading by buying the Boom 1000 Index and the Crash 1000 Index. If you are lucky enough to earn, there is no guarantee that you will lose the Boom 500 trading in your currency. Glad you’re in the right place to get my currency trading rate free with a VIX.

If you want to trade boom and crash index, this article is written for you. In this video I will show you how it is possible to make a profit trading binary options with MT5 on Boom 1000 Index and Crash 1000 Index. No rule of thumb or strategy is 100% perfect, but I will try to give you a few tips to guide you on your way to becoming a successful dealer.

The PIP is a basic unit of measurement used in trading, but you need to know more to become a successful synthetic index trader. Idol Capital How to become a Synthetic Index Daytrader course offers an in-depth insight into the skills needed to succeed as a day trader. Download Boom and Crash Strategy [PDF] – How to Catch the Boom & Crash Spikes by Solomon Maheshe.

If you don’t believe me, you can go to your index dealer friend and see their profit and loss history and you will be surprised by the reds and negatives I see. Why You Continue to Lose Money on the Index There are a variety of reasons why people continue to lose money on the index, it could be due to a lack of good strategy, poor trade mentality, lack of best capital, or people have it in them to have good trade capital, but without the right trade mentality and killer strategy they continue to lose money. A number of traders, both experts and novices, had problems with the market structure during the boom and crash.

For example, if one trades boom-boom-500 and boom-1000 and crash-crash-500-1000 assets, one can observe that the sell default occurs in the boom market and the buy default occurs in the crash asset. This confirms the way in which the market structure comes to a head in boom (buy) and crash (sell) situations and the low risk-to-return ratio of daily fluctuation trading due to small lot size. For currency pairs, the boom / crash structure (buy / sell) can be used to tip a tick for an even period.

The trick is to know how to recognize positions if you execute them a bit and make a huge profit at the end of the day. If you don’t do an Outtta Business Check, we offer you a weekly signal to take your winnings with you and give us a free 7-week subscription. The condition is that you are our student and we provide you with our own working tools.

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