Boom and crash strategy-How Trade like Pro 123

Boom and crash strategy

To be successful one need to be diligent and never to give up . Successful always have a Boom and crash strategy They plan , and execute . So what does it take to be successful , it take hard work , persistent, Determination , confidence and patience . This is also apply in trading . One need a strategy that works and also have discipline.

Boom and crash strategy you should know

What you need to know in Boom and crash strategy

Trading boom and crash strategy can be challenging especially for those that had little or no experience. for one to be successful in trading boom and crash it requires only three things . These are Strategy , Money management and discipline . Those who want to make money overnight end up wipe out their account . During my research i discovered that only 10 percent make money trading boom and crash other 90 percent fail. This because many people lack the basic behind trading boom and crash which is very frustrating. When you master the strategy it is easy to trade boom1000, crash1000, volatility 75 index and make money . Here i am going to reveal to you a strategy you can use to make money trading boom and crash and they are very easy . In this strategy we are going to talk about the fundamental after then we move to talk about money management and discipline and other necessary needed to trade boom and crash. So make sure you read the article to the end and also watch the video.

In this article you will learn basic and other strategy you need to know to be successful in trading boom and crash.

Boom and crash strategy can be can make one a lot of profit if applied very well

Here are Basic Boom and Crash Strategy you should know

#1 : Identifying The Trend : We can use trend predict the direction of the market . Trend is telling using if the direction , if the market is up and down. So we can do analysis using trend line: you can draw the trend by picking the trend line on the menu and draw

#2: Support and Resistance : When we know the support or resistance it can be easy for us to trade easy and also close the market when we make profit or exit if we are losing to avoid excessive loss. we can do that by using a horizontal line

#3: Timeframe: This is very important in trading boom and crash strategy as most people trade any timeframe that doesn’t suit them. If you know a good timeframe suit you then you can trade easy. The best time frame to trade short is 5minute and 1minutes chart. i mention this because i have been using it for long time . Try to do analysis on 5minutes chat then move to 1minute to enter . 5 minutes gives you overview of what is happening 1 minute then you get the understanding.

#4: Entry Point: Many people get loss because of lack of understanding o fBoom and crash strategy were to enter the market . This very important to know that entry into the market depends on how you have prepared yourself. Here are things you should know before entering the mark. After knowing the trend , The next thing is to move over to identify the support and resistance using Boom and crash strategy. This will give you clue were you can exit. After then you enter when you have a signal . You can use price action , indicators, or special indicators to alert you. When you receive alert next is to enter then wait for profit.


  • know that trend is your friend so firstly this boom and crash strategy you do an analysis on your trend and it has to be in a downtrend for boom and uptrend for crash.
  • You also wait for a spike to take place first then you enter after the wick is formed.
  • You have to use proper risk management. An example of using Boom and crash strategy of the lot sizes to use for a range of accounts is shown below:
  • Here are Boom and crash strategy Recommended account and lot size
  • $100-$199 = 1lot max
  • $200-$299 = 2 lot max
  • $300-$399 = 3 lot
  • $400-$499 = 4 lot
  • $500-$599 = 5 lot
  • $600 -$699 = 6 lot
  • $700- $799 = 7 lot
  • $800 – $899 = 8 lot
  • $900 – $999 = 9 lot
  • $1000 -$1099 = 10 lot

The 100 pips strategy

  1. In this strategy the bull candles have to be green and the bears have to be red to make it easy for the trader since they will be using the awesome oscillator.
  2. You use the awesome oscillator that is on bill Williams.
  3. You make the colour of the value up similar to the bull candlesticks and use two or three pixels.
  4. For value down make it red so that they are similar to the bearish candlesticks and also use two or three pixels.
  5. For this strategy to work effectively for boom you first have to make sure it is in a downtrend and you see this in the bigger time frames and for crash the opposite is true. The strategy is used in the one minute time frame.  This being the first condition.
  6. So you can either draw trend lines if you are good at it but if you find it hard to draw trend lines you can use an indicator that is the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) with period 13. If the EMA is pointing down on a higher time frame you know it is in a downtrend so it is safe to trade boom and for crash the opposite is true.
  7. Entries have to be just after a spike then for boom you have to wait for the value up to change to value down. If you are trading crash you wait for value down to change to value up.
  8. Your target using this strategy is just 100 pips that is 2 candlesticks then you exit. A 100 pips is when you make 10 united states dollars if you have entered with a 10 lot and once you reach the amount similar to your lot size you exit.
  9. As long as there is no colour change on the value up or down to suit the condition of the index you want to trade you do not take a trade.
  10. Always make sure that for boom you are in a down trend and for crash you are in an uptrend.

Here were going to talk about another strategy in which you can apply and start getting result

The strategy we are going to talk about is how you can set your

had work, persistence , determination , patience and

Success, the one thing that separates the patient from the impatient , the  patience from the one that gives up the one that faces their challenges to fear and one that live it to fear. What do we also need to be successful what does it take to be successful? These are  common questions we will hear from those who want to be successful they never give their mind a chance to deceive them whether they will do it or not all they know is they will not give up if one thing does not work well for them they keep trying till they accomplish their goal. To be successful you always need a strategy that works you have to know what works for you , bearing in mind the kind of success you want you must know the kind of strategy that suit you to apply. As a trader knowing that trading on its own is a business where you either earn profits or losses you need a good strategy for boom and crash index. It is not gambling place but a proper business that is also run based on strategies and principles in which you need to understand carefully. You may find there are a lot of fast food restaurants  selling the same various type food but cooked using different recipes and to determine that one prefers this to that , a customer would have tasted the food from the various restaurants and found the one best suit for them, Just like that in the trading places there are various ways of tackling the market and each one has to find what works for them.

The main focus of this article is on boom and crash indices. It is a package set for boom and crash and volatility traders where one has the ability to choose which strategy they would suit to use and it is all encompassing as the strategies given do not neglect spike traders or scalpers.

To begin with, I will lay out all the strategies I have on how to effectively trade against spikes:

It is a common misconception that investors need to wait out the market before making a purchase. That is called a ‘bear market’ strategy. It is a poor strategy for investors who expect to make money in a bull market. In a bear market investors should take their money out of the stock market as soon as possible and hold onto their stock shares. Doing so will allow them to ride out the worst of the market, hopefully at a profit. Don’t fall into this trap.

Many people think that if a stock has been going up for a while that it is likely to continue to move up, and by selling that stock they will get rich. They miss the point that the market is made up of millions of small stocks, and that the key to making money in the market is to buy the good low and then sell the high. You can make a lot of money on a hot stock. However, you can lose a lot of money on a bad stock.

Many investors believe that they can predict where the market will go before it happens. They will put money in a stock and then wait for the stock market to turn up. This is called a ‘bust’ strategy. If you are looking to make money in the stock market you should look elsewhere.

The other big mistake made is waiting for a bull market. They don’t think that a recession or two could cause a stock market crash. Investors who think this are usually called “paper tigers” and are usually left holding broken stock that they bought during a time when the stock market was booming. The stock market needs more support during a bear market than during a bull market. Therefore, short selling stocks is not a good idea during a bear market.

Many investors will also decide to buy stocks in a small company that is going through a difficult time. They don’t realize that most successful small companies are much bigger than they look. The problem with buying shares in a small company is that if the business goes under there are large numbers of potential investors who will likely feel the same way. This causes the price of the stock to drop drastically.

As mentioned earlier, the stock market often cycles in an upwards fashion. This means that over time the price of a stock will rise. Usually this is caused by supply and demand. If you are an investor that has been waiting for a good stock to go up, you may want to look elsewhere. However, if you are trying to find a stock in a bear market that has recently come down you should be prepared to hold out a little longer.

If you have been lucky enough to have avoided making a stock investment during a bear market, you may have a little extra money to invest. There are investors that will offer to purchase your stocks at a certain price. You should only deal with reputable firms as they will have more capital to work with. If you are going to use a broker they should be accredited in this field.

If you can manage to buy a stock at a reasonable price during a bull market, you may still be able to sell it during a bear market. However, you will have to pay a much higher price. Keep this in mind when you are looking for a strategy. Also, it is not a good idea to buy stocks if they are being sold at very low prices. If you wait too long you could lose a lot of money.

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