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Trading is not easy for anyone but in this article i share with you every necessary things you need to be successful in this trading journey of boom and crash indices . There is no 100% strategy in trading but is good you understand at least 95% of trading , that is why i am here to guild you so make sure you pay attention to every thing written in this article because you will use it conquer trading boom and crash even if you have not been profitable before you will start doing so .

Meaning of boom and crash indices

if you new in trading you might heard about boom 1000, Crash 1000, boom 500, Crash 500, now i will explain what boom and crash is all about , for those who have are new or have not heard about it boom and crash are synthetic indices that is being pioneer by or platform . They are aspect of trading forex market, With boom 1000 or boom 500, there is an average spike that occur at at a given time of 1000 or 500 ticks. With Crash 1000 or Crash 500 there is average drop in price of 1000 or 500 ticks. So boom and Crash is rise up and down and has it unique movement in nature that or that indices.

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To make it clear for the beginners boom normally sell with small candle stick then after a short period of time it will rise up and that what is call a spike . For crash it is normally buy and after a short period of time it will rise with a big candle stick. So boom does opposite of Crash and vice vasa.

How do one trade boom and crash indices very well and make money from it

Many people wonder even the beginners and professional still confuse how boom and crash market moves this is because boom and crash have a spike in them that is difference between it to currency pairs , future market or other trading asset. Boom and crash have been configure to the way that they buy or sell using what is called spike. It is good to understand how boom and crash move before you go ahead trading this will make you have better confidence when trading it.

before proceeding further i want to explain something ,when one start trading boom 1000 or boom 500 and crash 1000 or crash 500 he or she will observe that boom

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