Greatest Entertainment Conglomerate Preps for Web3 (MATIC IS PUMPING)

Greatest Entertainment Conglomerate Preps for Web3 (MATIC IS PUMPING)

Whats up Bitsquad. Thank you for tuning in for the Saturday edition of Good Morning Metaverse here on BitBoy Crypto. We’re bringing you the hottest mainstream Metaverse and web3 news in under 5 minutes.

Polygon was selected to participate in Disney’s 2022 Accelerator Program to further Polygon’s development of Web3 experiences.

Tony Hawk And The Sandbox Partner To Create The World’s Biggest Skatepark…In The Metaverse and will have a marketplace to sell skateboards and skate accessories but will also give users access to editing tools to create the skatepark of their dreams.

Today at Noon eastern is The Otherside Metaverse First Trip tech demo, and we will be live-streaming that over on the Meta Money channel.

@Meta Money

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0:25 Polygon and Disney
0:59 Tony Hawk in The Sandbox
1:40 Otherside Going Live

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