How To Make Money On Intelligent Prime Capital (IPC) 2022

How To Make Money On Intelligent Prime Capital

Now it’s time to talk about the two main ways to make money with Intelligence Prime Capital (IPC trading bot). Let’s talk about the different commissions you can earn with a bot. The first way is to register with one of the IPC trading bots and start earning. Link your IPC account to MT4, the details will be sent to your email address. Fund your IPC account with USDT or BTC, I prefer USDT because you only pay $1 as transfer cost from Binance. trading on MT4 every day, all you have to do is view the trades every day and your daily profit.


When you activate your bot, your funds will be automatically credited to your MT4 trading account, so all you have to do now is get your email login details and log into your MT4 application. Each level will only provide you with one trading bot, and you will need to fund your account in order to trade. It will depend on which pair your bot is trading as it will analyze the market and choose the best trading pair. As far as I know, you use the same bot for each of their trading bot services.

Your funds are safe in your account, don’t give your password to anyone, Bot is very affordable at $99.9 for a lifetime, unlike others where you pay monthly. Smart Bot can give you up to 15% return on investment every month. With Genius bots, you can get 40-45% ROI per month. Genius Bot is the most profitable bot listed with a monthly ROI of 45% on invested capital.

IPC AI BOT offers trading on your MT4 with up to 45% profit every month, plus other promotions. The intelligence of Prime Capital provides you with a BOT that performs market analysis, initiates trades, links currencies and makes profits every day. Intelligence Prime Capital will try to get you to send money to Intelligence Prime Capital by promising a return on your investment in Forex, AIA BOT System, IPchain or IPcloud. You can use their patented AIA Bot system to trade and it is supposedly 97% accurate.

Intelligence Prime Capital Ltd provides traders/investors with advanced AIA bots that perform technical analysis and make profitable trades for investors in Forex, Gold, Commodities, Oil and Cryptocurrencies etc. Intelligence Prime Capital offers digital asset management with cloud storage as well as a referral program, earn referral commissions when you invite people who buy monthly memberships to join forex trading bots, and their profits from bot monthly memberships. Handling virtual currencies According to Intelligence Prime Capital Ltd’s website, they also focus on the research and development of future financial technologies, such as quantitative trading, leveraged AI/BOT trading systems, cloud storage systems and business management software.

I tracked their trades, they used huge lots to trade small accounts and staked only 2 to 5 pips, either their trades were fake or they chose to hide their pending trades so as not to see a huge negative balance. Trades are real-time trades made in MT4, which is an application or software that is independent of the IPC trading bot. Forex trades using fiat currencies such as the US dollar and Euro, to name but a few.

If you aim for a profit of 1 and have a stop loss of 100 on every trade, you can win 97% of trades and keep losing money. The best trading companies in the world will be lucky enough to earn 45% in one year. Since no legitimate Forex trading robot can earn 45% per month, this is simply not possible.

When your downline members make monthly profits generated by their bot, you will earn a percentage of the profits for each of them. When you invite others, you get a bonus based on their BOT subscription and their monthly income. As you build a team by bringing in more and more people who buy BOT and invest in Intelligence Prime Capital, and then as they start building a team by selling more BOT and investing, you will qualify for a higher rank. which will unlock more levels.


Intelligence Prime Capital is a fintech company that has three bots that you can subscribe to, and these bots will help you make more money without trying to analyze the market, read candles, or engage your emotions. If you have any doubts about joining this amazing company contact me on whatsapp at +2349126100464 or check out our Intelligence Prime Capital review (IPC trading bot). Keep in mind that the whatsapp group above is for people who are STILL able to understand IPC, sign up and subscribe to the bot.

The IPC AIA Bot will do all the work for you, effortlessly and without straining your brain to scan the forex market for trade entry signals. In the crypto space, you will be told that we have developed a bot with which you will use your API to connect to their platform that you will not lose, but this is always a lie, because whenever BTC starts to fall, all altcoins will follow suit. and they will definitely affect your equity/principal, believe it or not.

In 2021, Intelligence Prime Capital officially launched Intelligence Prime Capital’s global financial products and digital asset trading platform, offering global users the opportunity to enjoy a unique diversified financial services platform.

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