Meaning of I-trend sentiment Boom and Crash free indicator

I-trend sentiment is aBoom and Crash free indicator that analyze the market and display and predict the market with it signal . It has amazing features that can help the user to profit in market such yellow ball and blue ball. It also have trend line that turns red and green .

How to install i-trend sentiment indicator

To install i-trend sentiment indicator you need to point your mouse on the file menu see the picture below

Boom and Crash free indicator  for trading

Then move to your cursor to open data folder then click it see the picture below

then click it and then go to MQL5 and click then see the picture below
after you have clicked maql5 it will take you to another place were you have to click indicator see the image below

After you have clicked an indicator you will then paste it there see the picture below

and refresh or close your window then open it again and then move your mouse to insert menu click indicators and and follow the arrow and click custom then follow the arrow again and move down to select your indicator and apply see the picture below

After you have applied you will see a pop up to enable it , make sure you check mark the box to allow modification of signal setting see the picture below
Once you your done then you will see your indicator on your screen . You remove the window area and leave the main chat by default see the picture below

How does i-trend sentiment indicator works

I-trend sentiment indicator works like magic . The yellow ball indicate sell and the blue ball indicate buy. The trend line turn red when the market the market is sell position and turns green when the market are in buying condition.

How to use i-trend sentiment indicator

You can use i-trend sentiment boom and crash spike detector indicator free download for catching spike , yes it good for that when ever there is yellow line for instance catching on crash indices. This amazing spike indicator mt5 free download for android can be use when you have vps on your android phone then you can operate connecting it to your remote control on your android phone. we also have golden spike detector pro free download in our website but it for sell. so let talk about how you can use this indicator . like i mention before yellow ball is for sell and blue ball is for buy combine with trend line i-trend sentiment indicator. When you want to see boom it advice sable to wait until the yellow lines pops up then make sure the i-trend sentiment is red then you take 5 candles and leave the market then wait for another opportunity with that you find it had to lose , the same thing apply to crash wait for the blue ball to appear and make sure i-trend sentiment boom and crash is green take 5 candle then exist. so for spike is vise vasa combine with i-trend sentiment .

How to download i-trend sentiment indicator

To download i-trend sentiment indicator you need to CLICK THERE . It will take you to free resources are just feel the form and submit for approval once you get approved you will received an email then login with the password you used to register and download. If you have been approved before you do not need to register again all you have to do is to login. Once you login you can find i-trend sentiment written you can also download all our robot or indicator listed there



In this article i show you how you can use Boom and Crash free indicator that called I-trend sentiment . This indicator was develop to trade forex but now modify for boom and crash spike detector 2022 and also for boom and crash spike detector for android .

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