Hycm Broker Review-All You Need To Know about Hycm Broker

What Is Hycm

HEMC works closely with industry leaders to help them stay top of the global forex brokers list. The two most recent awards are the Best Forex Broker Awards UAE 2017 by Global Banking’Finance Review and the 2017 Mobile Trading Platform UAE Awards 2017 from World Finance.


The broker is supported by an experienced Forex trading platform that has been operating for over 30 years. Many awards have been given by these bodies, which recognise HYCM as the best Forex broker and trading platform. It is a multi-regulated currency trading platform (CFD), which offers its members more than 40 years of service.

HEMC specialises in the trade in services and offers a wide range of over 100 different financial instruments, as well as access to foreign exchange, metals like gold and silver, energy products such as oil and gas, commodities, indices and equity investing. HEMC allows users to trade a wide range of assets in different classes of forex and cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities and equities. The company has offices in several locations worldwide and offers services to residents of more than 140 countries.

There are many ways to consolidate trading accounts and withdraw money from an account. HYCM offers commission-free fixed spread accounts that disable automated trading. Variable spread accounts are commission-free and allow for the use of automated trading solutions.

HYCM is a forex and CFD broker with multiple regulatory offerings, MT4 / MT5 integration, competitive spreads and deposit bonuses. It is a fully regulated trust broker owned by the Hong Kong-based Henyep Group and has been working with traders since 1977. It has account types suitable for any number of customers with easy deposit / withdrawal and easy trading.

Hymc is a CFD and foreign exchange broker regulated in various parts of the world (London, UK, Cyprus and Hong Kong ). It is a leading provider of Contract for Difference (CFD) trading services with a documented history of over 40 years. Hymc accepts merchants from Australia, Thailand, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Singapore, India, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Qatar and most other countries.

HYCM is an online trading division of Henyep Capital Markets, a major investment firm founded in 1977. It gives users the ability to trade over 300 financial CFDs, instruments such as forex, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities and ETFs. In addition to forex, it also offers trading in financial instruments such as oil, gas, energy, metals, commodities, stocks, stock indexes and many other available trading instruments with the same trading account.

Forex brokers offer traders access to a platform that allows them to sell and buy foreign currencies. The trading account is managed by the trader of the company that issued the HYCM for the purpose of foreign exchange trading. Trading costs such as spreads, commissions and swap rates for overnight funds vary depending on the instruments traded and the type of account to be opened, which are discussed and reviewed below.

The number and type of account a trader with a broker or company may open differs depending on the country in which the broker is registered, the country of residence of the trader and the regulatory authorities and jurisdictions in which he operates. HYCM provides traders with a choice of three account types that correspond to different trading styles and levels of experience — regardless whether the trader is a beginner, a professional or a company — by the trader.

Contract for Difference (CD) is a popular form of derivatives trading which allows traders to speculate about rising or falling prices on the global financial markets without charging a commission per share.

Like other brokers, HYCM offers industry standard MT4 and MT5 trading platforms for traders who make CFD, Forex and Forex trades. These trading platforms can be downloaded and installed from the broker website.

The HYCM Metatrader is the only broker with the HYCM Standard Android and iOS version of trading apps for MT4 and MT5. The HYCM app allows registered traders to access the customer portal of other brokers and brokerage firms but HYCM does not support proprietary trading apps such as other HYCM Metatraders and Forex brokers that have their own proprietary apps. Therefore, HyCM app itself is provided by default and is at a disadvantage compared to its competitors.

As registered HYCM customer, you can open a demo account to practice trading and test new strategies without losing real money. In order to open a demo account, traders can go to their customer portal and click in the menu under “Trading Account” on the “Create a demo account”. The demo account will look like a live account and traders will get the same functionality and the ability to trade real money instantly.

There is a basic HYCM trading account that offers microtrading conditions. This account has many trading restrictions compared to other HYCM accounts, but is perfect for small retailers who want to try the HYCM brokerage service. There are 50 financial assets that can be traded in micro parcels, and orders start at $0.01 per parcel with this account. The highest HYCM spread starts at 2 pips. It provides traders the opportunity to use the platform with Metatrader 4 (MT4) and MetatRader 5 (MT5) Forex, CFD- and industry standard trading.

For larger merchants HYCM offers VIP account options with minimum deposit of $10,000, a reduced margin of 15 pip and a variety of other account features such as a dedicated account manager, preferential treatment and personalized service. The second type of account is the Standard Account, which offers better trading conditions with a lower margin of 18 pip and access to over 120 different financial investments. It also receives free trading signals which are a proven advantage for beginners who do not have enough experience of the market.

The following table summarizes the different investment products available to HYCM customers. The cost of forex trading with HYCM depends on the three types of accounts you choose, from fixed to traditional raw accounts. There is no fee for HYCM to make money in the markets that offer demand spreads – $140 Full list of minimum deposits minimum deposit varies depending on the account you open, but there is no fee for HYCM to make money in these markets.

HYCM is a member of Henyep Capital Markets, LLC. Central stream of currency news and headlines on HYCM’s Metatrader platform. It is a foreign exchange broker and one of the oldest financial institutions. It has been active in international markets for over forty years. The company is also a member of Henyeps Capital Markets LLC.

Henyep Capital Markets LLC, a subsidiary and holding company of Henyep Capital Markets LLC, one of the oldest financial institutions that have been operating in international markets for more than forty years, specializes in online trading and investment in the international currency and equity markets. Through impressive activities, the company has achieved a leading position in terms of customer numbers and sales in retail.

Hycm Broker Review

You are also eligible for a $200 cash reward that can be redirected to a new customer who deposits $500 into their account and continues to trade 3 lots. In an online workshop, HYCM experts show their customers the advantages and disadvantages of trading using their demo account. The company offers a credit premium of 10% for deposits of up to $100 on deposits up to a maximum of $5,000 to customers of HYCM Limited which is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

HEC is a multi-body Forex broker (CFD) that offers MT4 and MT5 integration with a competitive spread-and-deposit bonus system. Established and regulated as an SBB broker, HECM customers can trade on any regulated trading platform. HECC account types are suitable for any number of customers with easy deposit, withdrawal and trading.

HEMC offers users the ability to trade over 300 financial CFDs and instruments such as currency, stock indexes, cryptocurrencies, commodities and ETFs. Traders have access to key markets such as currencies, indices, commodities and equities. Trading costs such as spreads, commissions, swap rates and overnight fees vary depending on the traded instrument and the type of account to be opened, which are explained in more detail in this review.

This HYCM review covers all of the essential aspects of trading with the broker including the login process, customer service, regulations, investment options, spreads, margin offers, bonuses, minimum deposit requirements, deposit and withdrawal methods and bonus offers. Before we jump into the details of broker scattering, platform and trading features, click the button below to see the latest information about the broker if you want to open HYCM in a new tab. HYCM is one of the few brokers that offer cryptocurrency CFDs for traders interested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Our team of industry experts compares Forex brokers to examine the regulatory status and safety of trading with HYCM. Traders should conduct their own high quality investigations into their regulations after the completion of the HYCM review and investment advice for traders before selecting an online trading platform or CFD broker to confirm the regulations and procedures. Customers share their research and reviews of the broker to show how impressed they have been with the broker.

Traders looking for a regulated and transparent broker that offers their clients access to more than 200 foreign exchange and CFD instruments should consider the Hycm Group as suitable. Unlike other brokers, Hycm offers industry standard MT4 and MT5 trading platforms for traders engaged in CFD and foreign exchange transactions. Chaque country is served with over 140 complete lists of minimum deposits (the minimum deposit varies depending on the account you open) and no fees, so brokers can make money in the market by distributing supply and demand.

The trading standard trading platforms (MT4 and MT5) of the industry can be downloaded and installed from the broker’s website. HYCM customers also have access to the mobile app Primetrader, developed by HYCM experts, with full trading functionality.

There are several accounts that can be controlled by HYCM clients and brokers, but I would not recommend this if trading activity is not properly managed. Raw accounts (so-called active traders) with large trading volumes are best served by HYCM VIP accounts with low spreads, dedicated account managers and inclusive market analysis tools.

HyCM addresses the needs of advanced and inexperienced traders by providing training resources to help traders improve their skills and knowledge levels, with a wide range of account types that meet the needs of everyone from beginners to professional traders. Our experts outlines the trading conditions associated with the different types of accounts offered by each broker with traders in the United Arab Emirates. Those who need information for their final choice of forex broker can find important facts and ratings to help them make their decision.

HEC is an international forex and CFD broker with industry-leading platform integration. It offers several trading platforms tailored to the needs of all types of traders. Here are some facts to figure out how to trade in financial markets using HECs “low-cost and highly leveraged products. Go to the brokerage list for alternatives to the HEC broker.

HEC is a certified CFD and Forex broker based in several parts of the world (Hong Kong, Cyprus and London). Our review covers all the essential aspects of trading with HEC, including the registration process, minimum deposits, spreads and bonus requirements. HEC is the product of Henyep Capital Markets Holdings Group and has branches in Hong Kong, Dubai and Cyprus.

In addition, the company has a powerful trading capacity, offers an advanced range of trading instruments and provides dedicated support to its customers. HYCM and Hymarket have significant advantages in terms of the company’s strict regulations, as it maintains offices in major cities around the world such as London, the UK, Limassol, Cyprus, Hong Kong and Dubai and complies with all regulatory authorities in every jurisdiction. On the negative side of the matter, the proposals vary depending on whether HYCM has round-the-clock support for trading instruments that are limited to foreign exchange (CFD) or trading platforms such as Metatrader.

The basic HEMC trading account offers micro-trade conditions and some trading restrictions compared to other H-ECM accounts, which is ideal for small retailers looking to try out HEC brokerage services. HEC maintains a professional trading environment and is a respected broker, not only because of the long history of the business and many customers around the world, but also because the trading community of HEC traders is very consistent. As international awards attest, the HEC brand is a highly respected brand among traders and investors in the financial industry.

The second type of account is the standard account which offers better trading conditions, such as a lower margin of 1.8pips and access to over 120 different financial assets. The standard account also receives free trading signals, which can be an advantage for those beginners who do not have enough experience in the market. The basic HEMC trading account offers micro-trading conditions where 50% of financial assets can be traded in micro-lots from 0.01 pips and lots with a high HEC spread from 2 pips.


Liteforex Review – Things You Need To Know about Liteforex brokers

What Is Liteforex

LiteForex offers two types of accounts: commission-free and classic (commission-based ECN). Traders who wish to use the full range of trading services can opt for the commission-based ECN.

LiteForex, like many other Forex brokers, has decided to offer its clients a trading platform (MT4 or MT5). The basic versions of the trading platform – desktop client, mobile app and web trader – represent the choice for LiteForex.

MetaTrader 4 and WebTerminal are based on HTML5 if you prefer not to download web-based trading software. MetaTraders Mobile is available for those who prefer trading with their mobile devices.


Brokers offer reliable and attractive copy trading opportunities and function as a social network. But too much inflow into established brokers is one thing, not to mention their lack of recognized regulations.

There are many trading platforms that help users to trade in financial instruments. Users can see the top-ranked account holders’ deals and mimic their winning strategies as they try to improve their performance.

LiteForex Broker is Metatrader [4] and LiteForex Social Trading is MetaTrader5. The desktop version of Lite Forex Broker uses WebTerminal to trade via any browser on any computer anywhere in the world without having to install it as a client.

LiteForex Broker has operated a social and ECN trading environment based on popular and industry-recognized technology based on MT4 and MT5 platforms since 2008. The company has established a global expansion with its headquarters in Cyprus and an international office in the Marshall Islands.

LiteForex enables traders to access various financial instruments such as major currencies, exchange rates, oil, precious metals and other coins. LiteForex has been an online ECN broker since 2005, according to research in South Africa. It provides traders access to Tier 1 liquidity in the foreign exchange, commodities and equity markets.

LiteForex has been offering its clients access to liquidity in currency, commodity and equity markets as an online ECN broker since 2005. The company [9] behind LiteForex is a high-tech, reliable ECn broker with good reputation. Lite Forex maintains this reputation by using advanced technology to ensure that traders operate on the best trading platform with fast execution in a safe and easy to use environment.

Lite Forex Investments provides regulated Forex CFDs broker with MT4 and MT5 platform. Bonus discount on the payment of fees for instrument in foreign exchange (CFDs), indices, stocks, commodities, Crypto/Cryptocomponency min.

LiteForex Investments Limited is a regulated forex and CFD broker offering MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. Note that LiteForex Europe Ltd. operates as a separate broker in Europe and provides trading services to its clients.

LiteForex Investment Limited offers a demo account, which is a great way to test a broker, refine trading strategies and take some risk. To compare LiteForex Investment Limit Investments with other brokers, select Liteforex Investment Limit Investment.

LiteForex offers two primary live accounts: ECN accounts and classic accounts. Classic accounts use a spread-based system and enc accounts are commission-based systems. LiteForex also offers two types of accounts: ECN execution models and: STP execution models where the default account costs the built-in spread, while the ECN account is a crude spread without commissions or trading costs.

There are two account options, and both are aimed at the level of merchant experience. The classic account and the ECN account are the two accounts that cover all levels of merchant experience.

LiteForex is a CYSEC regulated broker with two low deposit accounts, suited for beginners and experienced traders on the platforms MT4 and MT5. In addition, LiteForex provides a secure trading environment and an advanced trading platform to complement traders “experience. Trading costs are significantly higher than with other similar brokers. LiteForex’ MT4 account margin starts at 19 pips (USD), its MT4 Classic account margin is 0.0 pips (USD) and the ECN account switching commission is 10% (USD).

LiteForex’s minimum deposit is $50, making it accessible to beginners. Beginners will benefit from the proprietary copy trading system and unlimited demo accounts of LiteForex, in addition to frequent webinar updates, market analyses and educational materials. Experienced traders tend to prefer accounts with higher minimum deposits and generally tighter spreads.

Another strength is the wide range of Forex trading and education resources available on the website of the broker. These range from tutorials, summaries and summaries of well-known books on investing economics and financial markets to ways to access expert analysis through partnerships with financial intelligence providers such as Clawshorn.

The account offers interest of 2.5 per cent on excess balances and unlimited transactions. You will also receive a 5% commission per lot on all currencies except USD and cryptocurrencies. It is worth mentioning that the account is aimed at professional and institutional traders, therefore the commission applies only to trading on the account.

The LiteForex Cents Account LiteForex was the first broker to break into established industry practices regarding the capital entry threshold by introducing the Cents account with a minimum deposit of one dollar. The Lite Forex Cent account is the first to offer a minimum of $1 deposit and gives low-budget traders access to the real market. With this account, Lite Forex made the currency available to countless traders in emerging markets in less than $100 of loans.

This was a revolutionary step that other brokers copied, enabling millions of new traders to familiarize themselves with forex trading with minimal deposit via a live trading account.

LiteForex offers a variety of payment options on the payment front, from standard bank payments to electronic payments using Skrill and Neteller. In addition, Lite Forex has built a social trading system that enables social media platforms to have special features based on common trading needs. The UK-based financial magazine World Finance recently added Liteforex to its list of 100% owned global financial companies.

Liteforex Review

The Internet offers a variety of broker ratings, with the positive dominating in many ways, proving that choosing a niche is a development in the broker’s reputation. Most traders recommend trading with a broker with advantages such as stable operation, no terminal freeze, favorable trading conditions, rapid withdrawals, low spreads, availability of competitive bonuses, excellent market forecasts, high-quality webinars, reputable analysis materials, professional support from the broker, competent experts, technical assistance, convenient cooperation with scalpers and beginners. Brokers are profiled on numerous valuation portals to show how safe they are as retailers.

If we look at his status as an experienced broker since 2005, it is safe to say that trading can be considered reliable with LiteForex given his status as an offshore broker. It is important to note that brokers offering brokerage services such as Liteforex are not registered under financial regulations. The best broker has the best service for traders in terms of many criteria, including trading instruments, deposits and withdrawals, customer service, etc.

As the number of Forex brokers grows, it can be difficult for someone who wants to use a Forex broker to decide which broker to use. This report provides information about LiteForex, which is only a drop in the ocean of Forex brokers. It offers information on background, platform, account type and many other ways to help readers make a decision about which ForeX broker is best for them.

LiteForex provides four different types of accounts for its clients from which customers can select when they want to work with the broker. LiteForex offers two types of accounts: commission-free and classic commission-based ECNs. Traders wishing to offer a full range of trading services can opt for the classic ECN account.

The first type of account is the percentage account that appears to be the best for new traders. It offers customers a low-risk amount of deposits at a fixed percentage. The second type of accounts are the classic accounts, and these are best suited for experienced forex traders.

LiteForex is a reliable Cysec regulated broker with two low deposit accounts perfect for beginners and experienced traders on MT4 and MT5 platforms. LiteForex offers two types of account, which are better suited to beginners than experienced traders compared to other brokers. The spread between the two accounts is higher than other comparable brokers, with the spread starting at 1.9 pips for the commission-free Classic account of LiteForex and 0.0 pips in USD for its ECN account, with a 1.0% conversion fee to USD.

Lite Forex offers excellent deals for beginners and professionals alike thanks to its variety of account types and the wealth of financial information that account holders have available. Beginners will benefit from the proprietary copy trading system and unlimited demo accounts of its proprietary system, in addition to regular webinar updates and market analysis tutorials.

It is worth noting that ECN accounts are aimed at professionals and institutional traders and the 5% commission is an amount that applies to trading with an ECN account. Retail investors who focus on currency pairs will appreciate the transparency and competitive advantages of the broker offering. Of all platform accounts, LiteForex brokers offer the most negative balance sheet protection.

The company offers trading in currency pairs, commodity indices and cryptocurrencies. LiteForex also offers a demo account on the MT4 platform so traders can practice investing. This account is suited better for CYSEC regulated brokerage firms and trading platforms such as Metatrad.

LiteForex has invested in functionality and navigability to make an excellent first impression on traders. LiteForex users can choose between Metatrader 4 and MetAtrader 5 platforms for their trading activities. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices via a link on the LiteForexs website.

LiteForex is a Forex broker that offers its services to traders around the world for more than 10 years now. LiteForex has won the trust of its users with its high quality of service and innovative capabilities. The website of LiteForex provides comprehensive information on account types and assets that can be purchased and sold on its platform.

LiteForex has a long operational history, good trading technology, an ECN environment and low deposit requirements for social trading. We can see LiteForex polishing up its balance sheet as more brokers sign up for its services. Early Lite Forex complaints were issued by traders who claimed that the non-transparent terms offered by the company regarding its trustworthiness were not transparent. An additional layer of regulatory oversight through European CYSEC and ESMA regulations provides additional protection, but we recommend doing your own research before a Lite ForeX review to see if LiteForeX is a suitable broker for your needs.

LiteForex Europe Ltd. is a member of the European Investors Compensation Fund, which allows the company to buy securities and guarantee its clients with funds up to 20,000 euros.

LiteForex was the first broker to break with established industry practices and respect capital entry thresholds by introducing a minimum deposit rate of 1%. This was a revolutionary step that was not copied by any other broker and allowed millions of new traders to familiarize themselves with forex trading by using live trade accounts with minimal deposit.

The account of LiteForex Cents was the first account to accept a minimum deposit of $1, giving low-budget traders access to real market. It also made the currency available for countless traders in emerging markets with deposits of less than $100.

In fact, in other professions, information can be gathered and developed, learning is an endless task, but the good news is that FP market support is personal and strives to provide learning materials, analyses and guides.


Easymarkets Review- All You Need about Easymarkets brokers

What Is Easymarkets

In the beginning Easymarkets were one of the first and one of the few brokers to offer a trading experience online. Since then we continue to innovate and evolve, enabling our customers to deposit, trade and withdraw Bitcoin without having to convert their money or transact it into fiat currency.

Since 2001, EasyMarkets has provided traders in over 200 global markets with innovative features and flexible trading platforms around the world. We have a range of trading instruments and accounts to choose from. We are award-winning and established brokers with stringent regulations from multiple regulators.


EasyMarkets valuations are written by industry experts with more than 20 years of financial experience in the field of CFDs, Forex, commodities, indices, stocks and crypto. Detailed EasyMarkets reviews by our online broker research team cover all the important aspects that you should consider when choosing the best broker for your online trading needs.

When trading on the financial markets it can be time consuming to find a broker that fits your needs. In this EasyMarkets report, you will learn more about the brokers known as EasyMarket and how to trade with them, with detailed information about features, rules, advantages and disadvantages, and more. This report examines brokers and cross-platform trading applications for desktop and mobile devices.

EasyMarkets is an award-winning online trading platform offering stock and commodity markets, indices, cryptocurrency, ETFs and trading on mobile and desktop devices. Traders have access to over 200 markets, including spot trades and options. EasyMarkets offers tight fixed spreads, negative balance sheet protections, guaranteed stop loss orders and slippage trading.

The easy-to-navigate website and accurate analysis of data and technical indicators ensure investors get a smooth trading experience. EasyMarkets is the perfect broker with a wealth of trading assets and easy-to-use trading tools.

To be precise, never invest or trade with an online broker without checking their credibility. In our review, we found that EasyMarkets is no ordinary broker with more than two decades of experience in online trading. It is one of the longest-standing and biggest brokers with many years of experience and hundreds of thousands of customers in over 160 countries.

They were founded in 2001 and renamed Easy Forex in 2016. EasyMarkets and its philosophy is to provide traders a simple, transparent, accessible and friendly trading service.

Costs are calculated before transactions are processed, fixed and scattered losses are fixed and user-friendly web and mobile platforms that are easy for newcomers to use, advanced and flexible for experienced traders.

Multi-asset trading platform enabling clients to trade foreign exchange and other asset classes. A range of integrated analysis tools, access to over 200 trading tools and features such as ice breaker termination, rate free biceps, guaranteed stop loss and profit taking. Developed by Metaquote, the most advanced trading tool on the market.

EasyMarkets is described as a solid brokerage with impressive operational statistics. It provides MT4 trading platform where traders can create their own proprietary web traders. EasyMarkets trading conditions cannot compete with other leading foreign exchange brokers because the spreads are too high.

EasyMarkets has a mobile application with many useful trading features and tools that are available for iOS and Android in addition to the desktop platform. Spreads vary by product, trading platform and web trader app such as MetaTrader 4. EasyMarket calculates higher spreads for brokers on the MT4 platform than for traders using their own trading platform.

Use auto trades, algorithmic strategies and configure your own trading platform for trading. The commission shares in EasyMarkets are very low for foreign exchange traders and move faster than the industry average CFD trading. Here is a glossary of terms to help you understand the terms and abbreviations used in analyzing market news, prices and tables.

Check out the list in our Data Panel Review. Spread pricing is transparent and available to all users. Trading costs include a fixed spread of 0% and a commission divided by the defined trading account in operation. Trading costs vary depending on the account type the user chooses, but the spread is set for all web platforms except MT4.

EasyMarkets offers two platforms: its web platform, which requires a $250 deposit, and Metatrader 4 (MT4). The account includes daily emails, technical analysis, basic data, guaranteed stop loss and negative protection and additional trading instruments. The MT4 account offers a fixed spread of 0.9 pips (USD) and the web platform can be used for MT4 accounts.

In terms of platform selection, award-winning intuitive web-based platform EasyMarkets does not require installation of any computer system or customization. Equipped with a comprehensive range of trading support and tools tailored to its strong trading conditions, this is the best option for online trading. In addition to the Web Platform, it also enables trading on iOS and Android devices and therefore allows access to any market.

The company’s proprietary trading platform and VIP accounts are struggling to compete in our annual report with the best forex brokers. If you prefer more popular software such as MetaTrader4, the award-winning and intuitive EasyMarket platform on the web, you get great trading conditions, great customer service and is equipped with central trading, news and analysis.

Trading in securities carries a high level of risk. There are significant risks related to margin-based foreign exchange trading, foreign exchange derivatives and cryptocurrency including limited leverage and creditworthiness, but also limited regulatory protection and market volatility that can affect the price and liquidity of currency-related instruments. EasyMarkets (easyMarkets, formerly EasyForex) was founded in 2001 and was an early pioneer in forex trading for private clients.

Easy Forex Trading Ltd, the company that owns the trading name EasyMarkets, is privately owned. Nikos Antoniades has been CEO of Easy Forex Trading Ltd since 2014. He was from 2013 to 2014 Chief Financial Officer of EasyForex Trading and from 2007 to 2013 as the Deputy Chief Financial Officer.

Easymarkets Review

In this in-depth EasyMarkets review, our Online Broker Research team covered some of the most important aspects you should consider when choosing the best broker for your trading needs. In this review we found that EasyMarket is an ordinary broker with more than two decades of experience in online trading. It is one of the most served large brokers with many years of experience and hundreds of thousands of customers in over 160 countries.

They were founded in 2001 and renamed Easy Forex in 2016. Since 2001 they have provided traders around the world with innovative features and flexible trading platforms in more than 200 global markets. EasyMarkets is an award-winning and well-established broker with stringent regulation by multiple regulators. The company and its philosophy is to provide a simple, transparent, accessible and friendly trading service for traders.

EasyMarkets is an award-winning online trading platform offering stocks, indexes, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and trading on mobile devices and desktops. You have a range of trading instruments and accounts to choose from. EasyMarkets offers fixed tight spreads, negative balance sheet protection, guaranteed stop loss orders and slippage trading.

At first glance, traders may realize that EasyMarkets offers trading conditions that do not compete with other leading Forex brokers. EasyMarket warns potential customers that the Foreign Exchange Trading (CFD) carries a high risk and is not suitable for all investors.

EasyMarkets charges traders using its own trading platform a higher spread than broker platforms such as MT4. EasyMarkets Trading conditions do not compete with other leading foreign exchange brokers and the spreads are too high. Although transparency is appropriate, EasyMarket charges traders using its trading platform higher spreads than the broker platform MT4, although higher spreads are also available on MT4.

Generally, the MT4 trading platform gives traders tight spreads but seems to lack critical features. The MT4 platform has a basic version which is available to dealers, but requires a third plugin to unlock its full potential. If you prefer to use more popular software such as MetaTrader4 or the award-winning, web-based and intuitive platform from EasyMarkets, welcome to great trading conditions, great customer service and important news and analyses for trading.

The foreign exchange trading platform that EasyMarkets makes available to its customers is the software for doing business. Brokers also develop and improve the tools and offer extensive add-ons to the platform in addition to trading software.

When logging in, traders are greeted with a list of asset classes and product classes on the left, a screen in the trading center and extensive trading tools on the right. The top menu screen displays the available balance sheet levels, risk, profit and loss statistics, CFD and margin levels.

Trading conditions vary depending on the trading platform, and the VIP upgrade serves higher deposit markets. VIP is a professional account with advanced trading instruments in EasyMarkets, such as guarantees for cancellation of transactions, stop loss limits, negative balance sheet protection, etc.

MT4 is one of the most popular trading platforms and provides full support for automated trading solutions and testing capabilities. However, it does not provide the critical third-party plugins necessary to unlock the full functionality.

EasyMarkets seems to be a trustworthy broker that is solid and offers good trading conditions. I would not advise you to open an account without your personal verification if it matches the platform.

Your trading basket is rounded up and includes currencies, stocks, commodities, indexes, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and US dollars. The spread is 1 pip between EUR and USD and is fixed. It does not change according to market conditions.

There are a number of integrated analytical tools to access more than 200 trading tools and features, such as contract termination, interest rate frozen, and a free guaranteed stop loss for the purpose of maximizing a profit. In addition, EasyMarkets is designed for market explorers to provide deep market insight and real-time quotations for over 200 instruments available for trading.

EasyMarkets will be reviewed and updated by 2022 by industry experts with many years of financial experience in the areas of Forex, CFD and Social Trading. EasyMarkets offers valuable trading tools and conditions with democratic policies that provide negative balance sheet protection, useful tools for all types of traders and continuous innovation, such as free guaranteed stop loss, insider viewer, frozen interest rates and advanced tools to deal with cancellations. These instruments provide traders with securities for trading in volatile conditions.

EasyMarkets Report is written by industry experts with over 20 years of financial experience in the fields of CFDs, forex, commodities, indices, stocks and crypto. If you feel that a platform is not right for you, use the bottom of this report and you will find many alternative platforms. You should know how to trade on this platform, as it is a dynamic platform that offers several methods of online trading.

Investors can trade across a variety of asset classes, including indices, equity, commodities, precious metals and cryptocurrencies. When trading in financial markets, it can be time consuming to find a broker that meets your needs. EasyMarkets Review to get started trading with brokers and get detailed information on features, regulations, pros and cons and more.

We hope that the information we have provided in this comprehensive EasyMarkets review will cover everything you need to know about brokers, how to open an account and to withdraw profits and how best to deal with them.

Trading on EasyMarkets is convenient for both beginners and experienced traders. He is the perfect broker with a wealth of trading assets and simple-to-use trading tools. Retailers can contact EasyMarket Customer Service for more information by phone, fax, email or live chat.

In contrast to the desktop platform, the EasyMarkets mobile application includes many useful trading features and tools and is offered on iOS and Android. Spreads vary depending on the product and trading platform the trader uses, such as the Metatrader web trader app


Fxtm Review-All You Need to Know About Forextime

What Is Fxtm

Forex fees are offered by FXTM spreads and commissions. In the case of the use of micro-finances (see FXTM spread below) this type of fee brings a simple calculation and is a suitable option for many traders and strategies.

The average foreign exchange trading cost for a standard cent account is between 2 and 22 pips. The average commission on ECN accounts offering FXTM is much lower as it is only 0.08 pips, making it one of the most competitive rates on the market.

FXM is a safe and reliable broker regulated by the tax authorities of the different regions where it services its services. FXTM offers a wide range of trading instruments and low spread accounts that tempt many traders. Your social trading platform is not only one of the best comparisons with other brokers, but also has a good number of successful trading managers to choose from.

This is a great opportunity for a good trader to showcase his skills and make money, even if investors do not have time or the desire to trade.

One of the reasons why FXTM is so popular is its social trading platform – FXTM Invest. It is an innovative solution for FXTM where you can pick a Forex trader (called a strategy manager) based on his performance and invest in his strategy by connecting your account with the managers and copying their trades.

When you log into your FXTM account, you will see all the FXTM options available to you. FXTM offers over 300 forex and CFD instruments and expands this by owning shares in markets that allow trading in metals, indices, commodities and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. Metatrader 4 (also known as MT4) is the world’s leading trading platform and has been used since 2005 on the financial markets.

FXM is an award-winning broker that places great emphasis on customer training and offers a flexible selection of trading accounts and financing methods tailored to different types of traders. FXTM has strict regulations in several countries, offers a wide range of more than 250 trading instruments in several markets and an easy-to-use platform for desktop, web and mobile devices. The platform allows you to invest in talent with proven results and copy the trading strategies of other users and strategy managers.

FXTM offers excellent forex brokerage services regardless of your level of knowledge whether you are just launching as a forex trader or have been trading for years. FXTM offers a wide range of trading accounts to serve individual traders with flexible leverage, a powerful multi-device platform, competitive trading conditions and a minimum investment of $10. These conditions for FXTM include tight spreads, low commissions and a fast trading execution.

FXM offers traders 3 standard and 3 ECN account types including instant execution and narrow variable spreads. FXM offers a free demo account and 6 live trading accounts including 3 standard accounts and 3 ECN accounts. These accounts are suitable for different traders, depending on your experience and trading skills.

FXM offers a free 100,000+ demo account for Beginners to learn and improve their trading skills. The free account gives access to the FXM MT4 / MT5 platform, where you can test strategies and place your demo transactions in real currency markets. New traders who want to try FXM and learn how to trade will find in the free account over 1,000,000 available trades, detailed step-by-step tutorials, online webinars and personalized support in 16 languages.

Accurate and updated information can be found on the official FXTM website where you can compare FXTM fee – rates with peer – XM trading. The FXTM Invest account has a simple profile that contains a copy of the trading tools and support of top strategists and managers, suitable for traders of all levels.

FXTM with a massive selection of markets and 6 account types serves all merchant tiers. Look at the details of FXMs services, including account type, trading applications, demo accounts and of course trading platforms, including MT4. Under Brokers List you will find alternatives to FXTM and facts and figures to FXTM as the leading forex and CFD broker.

Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced trader looking for a new broker, FXTM recommends as high trading fees should not be a problem for you. FXTM is not as good as other regulated brokers you can choose from if you are looking for the cheapest Forex broker with a standard account. The reason FXTM beats many competitors is that FXTM accounts are managed by PAMM.

Some companies are regulated by the FCA and CYSEC, while others have higher regulatory oversight, such as FXTM, which has its own customer fund and has a negative balance sheet protection policy for retail customers in certain countries. In addition to a tighter market, smaller commissions govern the spread between ECN accounts.

FXM can process withdrawal requests within 24 hours, but depending on the payment processor it can take up to 10 business days for merchants to receive their money.

Another great feature of FXTM is the ability to market copy trading on the MT4 / 5 platform. FXTM has established itself as the market leader for traders in emerging markets. I like the trading environment of FXTM because the trading costs and commissions per trading account are among the best in the industry.

In addition to forex, CFDs, commodity indices and spot metal trading FXTM offers a variety of account types that are suitable for traders. Using the Metatrader platform, broker and an extensive list of tradable instruments, FXM’s tight spreads and low commissions make ECN accounts an excellent choice for many advanced and beginner users.

FXM Invest is a modern, flexible and user-friendly copy trading platform for FXTM. It offers clients the opportunity to pursue the business of suitable strategy managers. It is simple to use and it is possible to study the trading techniques of more than 600 traders with a variety of profiles by opening an account and registering up to $100.

Fxtm Review

Experienced and high-volume traders will appreciate the benefits of tight trade spreads and access to the ECN accounts, an electronic communications network that provides direct access to foreign exchange markets. In addition to the tight market spreads, these accounts have very low commissions.

FXTM offers traders 3 standard and 3 ECN account types that include instant execution and tight variable spreads. FXTM offers a wide variety of trading instruments and accounts with low spreads that attract many traders. FXMT meets all your needs and provides outstanding Forex brokerage services for you, whether you are a budding Forex trader or have been trading for years and have your expertise.

FXM’s social trading platform is not only one of the best in comparison to other brokers, but also has a good number of successful trading managers to choose from.

This is a great opportunity for a good trader to showcase his skills and make money for investors who do not have time or the desire to trade.

FXTM has one of the lowest deposit and withdrawal fees in the Forex industry, making it a good option for investors to deduct their profits. The tight trade spreads and the low commission on ECN accounts provide a great incentive to choose FXTM. Another platform used by metatraders offers an extensive list of tradable instruments and is an excellent choice for many novices and advanced traders because of its low trading margins and low fees.

I like the trading environment of FXTM because the trading costs and commissions per trading account are still the best in the industry. I like the upgrade from the MT4 to the MT5 trading platform and overall transparency FXTM is consistently one of the best Forex brokers. FXTM has established itself as the market leader for traders in emerging markets.

FXTM Trading and Forextime Limited are multiple award-winning and leading forex and CFD brokers. Not only are they regulated by numerous financial authorities, including the UK’s top financial regulator the FCA, but they also provide a safe place for experienced traders to trade in the industry at all levels.

In this FXTM trading review from the Forextime Limited broker, we look at everything you need to know about FXTM including account types, regulations, trading platforms and more. FXTM offers 63 currency pairs that you can trade, including all the major pairs, a solid selection of smaller emerging markets pairs and experienced traders. Go to the brokerage list for alternatives to FXTM for facts and figures on FXTM and leading Forex CFD brokers.

Verification details FXTM services include trading accounts, trading apps, demo accounts and of course, trading platforms including MT4. FXTM with a huge selection of markets and 6 account types can serve all levels of merchants.

Mobile users can also use the Android application, which allows trader to benefit from several advanced trading features that allow them to monitor trading on the move on foreign exchange markets. FXTM Metatrader 4 is an Android and iOS application. Together with FXM’s advanced trading tools, the application aims to improve the overall trading experience and give traders a competitive advantage.

More than 250 different financial instruments are available on FXTM. FXTM provides access to over 20 exclusive tools, including trade execution and management programs, advanced notification and alarm facilities, innovative market data and more. All FXTM customers can use their account for trading currencies, CFDs, stocks and commodities.

Embedded in demo accounts and flexible leverage systems, FXTM is the best forex trading platform for beginners and experienced traders. The challenging experience with demo and live accounts is ideal for experienced and fresh traders as well as professional who are on the right path with FXTM. Upon completion of the FXTM test, FXTM offers quality and potential trading to both beginners and more experienced traders and investors.

FXTM has a lot to offer for the occasional novice trader thanks to a huge backlog of trading guides and a fully functional mobile app that allows you to change positions on the go. The app can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone and can be traded on the go while the live exchange rate is monitored. It allows you to trade positions and open and close positions on any device and is compatible with other platforms and devices.

FXTM is a good broker and is known to be regulated by many regulated companies, and that is what it is all about. Opening an account with FXTM is easy, deposit requirements are low, trading conditions are good, spreads are low, customer service is excellent and FXTM training is very good. The negative point is that there is a withdrawal fee and stock spreads are high.

A detailed overview of trading costs of FXTM can be found in this report. FXTM is not a scam, but a licensed broker regulated by ForexTime Ltd, ForexTimes UK Ltd and Exinity Limited, three companies under the FXTM brand who provide trading services to more than 10,000 customers in 135 countries around the world. It offers access to a wide range of trading accounts for beginners and advanced traders.

There are different types of FXTM accounts available, which can be divided into two categories: Standard and ECN accounts. FXTM has different fees depending on the type of trading account you choose, in terms of fees. FXTM costs are built in and distributed according to the type of account you are using.

Micro requires a minimum deposit of $50 in the appropriate currency. The two Micro Advantage and Micro Plus bonus trading accounts require a minimum deposit of $500. I recommend one of the commission-based alternatives, Advantage Trading, because the costs are the best in the industry and it does not cost more than the bonuses – accounts.

A demo account is available for MT4 and MT5, which enables traders to choose their balance and leverage. The account simulates live trading conditions and options available in FXTM and gets as close to them as possible.


Amarkets Review-All You need to know about Amarkets 2021

What Is Amarkets

The company lowered its minimum deposit requirements and increased the leverage ratio for all types of accounts. Brokers that require a higher minimum deposit amount provide a wider range of trading features on their platform. They have more detailed technical analysis and research tools and better risk management capacities.

Some amaretts require a minimum deposit of GBP 1 (USD) to open an amaretto trading account. Some brokers require a minimum deposit of 6,500 GBB (USD) depending on the type of trading account you choose.

Markets offers traders three main accounts: Standard, Deposit and ECN accounts. Each of these accounts has its own competitive and dynamic trading conditions to meet the trading needs and objectives of the various traders regardless of their trading experience, knowledge and skills.

As already mentioned, Amarkets offers its customers a wide range of trading platforms including Metatrader (4-5), Webtrader (trade platform), Mirror Trader (platform) and Robox (platform ). This is the widest range of trading platforms and as they grow, they are increasingly compatible and available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Deposits and withdrawals in these markets are simple and have many possibilities. Go to the broker list for alternative markets: these markets offer a range of tools and trading products and platforms such as MT4, MT5, etc.

ECN brokers offer forex and CFD trading on two A + platforms, including MT4 and MT4. Broker reviews include real demo accounts, minimum deposit requirements, bonuses, trades, logins, security and more.

Markets offers state-of-the-art trading platforms, mobile trading apps, financial research tools and educational resources. It also offers lucrative bonuses and promotions to its traders which are not found in many other professional online brokers. Markets charges its customers various trading fees, which you must bear in mind as they can affect your profits.

An online broker that is not reputable offers tempting bonuses and promotions to attract new and existing customers, deposits and trades with them. An amarket is the same, it is a reputable and trustworthy online brokerage company. It is a forex and CFDS broker that offers trading through trading platforms such as MT4 and MT5.

For 11 years Amarkets has provided its customers around the world with high quality trading services and investment opportunities around the clock. Our core mission is to improve our services, improve the profitability of our customers and provide the best trading conditions in the industry. In the CIS countries, Asia and Europe, we focus on providing our customers and partners with high-quality services and comprehensive intermediary support.

This makes Amarkets one of the most liquid and sought-after trading brokers in the industry. The convenience of trading, the good support of securities and the training conditions make it a serious representative in the details of the foreign exchange market. The existence of favourable conditions for money, insurance and prestigious awards in the international arena make it attractive to potential customers. What is important for the success of a particular dealer are the conditions of the broker company.

Markets offers its traders an extensive range of financial instruments through which it trades. It is a leading online broker that offers direct access to global markets and executes over 10,000 transactions daily with comfortable trading conditions, no commissions and tight spreads. It has been described as a rewarding company for potential traders, a reliable and award-winning foreign exchange broker with many years of experience in the industry, offering the best selection of trading instruments, platforms and account solutions.

According to South African Research, Amarkets is an offshore online broker based in Russia and registered in Montenegro with the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) in 2007. Each type of account Amarket has unique features that benefit beginners and advanced users, and users can trade on any licensed trading platform.

Markets offers its trading services to traders in the United States, UK, Japan, Lithuania, North Korea, Algeria, Myanmar and Iraq, but not elsewhere. In these countries the platform provides services to merchants from around the world and offers its services in over 100 different languages. The platform handles over 10,000 trading transactions daily in a secure trading environment and connects traders from around the world.

There are a lot of currency pairs that amarkets offer, but if you want to trade with an instrument such as Forex, gold, silver, CFF, oil index, metals, cryptocurrencies, etc., then this is your best choice. There are many currency pairs but there is also an instrument you would like to trade with such as currency, CFD, metals and cryptos. So this is probably your good choice.

Markets offer negative balance sheet protection that reduces a customer account to zero if it falls short of the available funds. Some brokers offer their customers a first deposit bonus, which means that you can deposit money directly into your account instead of making a deposit. Markets also offer Islamic account options for Muslim traders who adhere to Sharia law.

The MT4 platform is the first choice of the Forex industry for online trading, providing reliability and convenience. Additional trading tools include access to car rental and copy trading functions.

Amarkets Review

These facilities allow traders to have a large exposure to the market through so-called debt capital, which is the amount a trader must deposit before opening a business.

Amarkets requires a minimum deposit of PS1 (USD) to open an Amarkets trading account. This is the minimum amount required by the platform to open a new online broker account on the platform.

The more online trading platforms enter the market, the greater the minimum requirement to open a live trading account as more brokers compete for new customers. However, this does not stop brokers such as Amarkets from charging a minimum deposit on open trading accounts. Depending on the type of trading account you choose, some brokers require a minimum deposit up to PS6,500 USD.

Various trading bonuses and promotions are offered to help traders earn higher profits such as deposit bonuses of up to 30% and 25% for joining Amarkets. The low spreads of 0.2% and 0% on deposits and commissions are among other good reasons for traders to increase their income. Check out the latest bonus promotions that Amarket offers to new and existing customers.

Market offers a variety of account types with various aspects to meet the needs of individual traders to meet the needs of a wide range of traders. Market offers 5 different account types to choose from (see details for each account in the overview).

Markets’trading platform is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store where the mobile application can be downloaded. Go Brokers is a list of alternative markets offering a range of tools and trading products for the MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Mark Markets is an offshore broker that offers online trading services to clients around the world. The broker rating includes a real demo account, minimum deposit requirements, bonus transactions, login security and more. Market ECN Brokers offers CFD and Forex trading on two award-winning platforms, including MT4.

In this thorough review of Amarkets, our online broker team covers all the important aspects that you should consider when selecting the best broker for your online trading needs. It is important that you check the latest information and understand it before you register for online trading with an Amark Markets broker account. Before they can begin trading, the customers of the mark markets can use the information and trading skills needed to succeed in the world of exchange and commodity trading.

It is described as a worthwhile business for potential traders because it offers the best variety of trading tools, platforms, accounts and solutions. Market offers free access to Autochartist service for trading signals and copies. AMarkets is a proven potential trader known for its reliable and award-winning foreign exchange brokers with many years of experience in the industry.

Markets is a leading online broker offering direct access to global markets and over 10,000 transactions with comfortable trading conditions, no commissions and tight spreads. It offers enormous value to its customers not only through trading services, but also through a wide range of investable products and its extensive list of additional functions and resources. Each of its account types has unique features that benefit beginners and advanced users, and users can trade on any accredited trading platform.

Markets goes beyond most online brokers by offering its clients a broad range of additional resources and information, as well as many options when it comes to trading different services. For example, it provides traders a comprehensive training centre in which they learn about the advantages and disadvantages of its trading platforms and how to become a successful trader. It also offers retailers an immense amount of informative content that is well organized.

For example, traders have access to a complete training programme specifically designed for markets, which provides novices and experienced traders with the necessary skills and knowledge for trading. In addition, the platform offers standard ECN accounts and Metatrader, the platform’s additional tool for copy trading.

The demo accounts available are useful for new traders who want to try out the various available platforms and practise their trading strategies with virtual funds. With a range of good deposit and withdrawal methods, these accounts are suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

Markets has Forex brokers and CCDs that offer trading and trading platforms MT4 and MT5. They offer PAMM services that allow investors to make money when trading on the foreign exchange markets.

According to South African Research, Amarkets is an offshore online broker based in Russia, registered in 2007 with the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) and has an office in Montenegro. In CIS countries, Asia and Europe, it concentrates on providing a high quality service and comprehensive support to its clients and partners. We advise investors and traders to avoid this and other offshore brokers.

Markets is an international brokerage firm that accepts traders from all over the world, but there are some countries where it does not accept traders, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Lithuania, North Korea, Algeria, Myanmar and Iraq. In these countries, it provides services to merchants from all over the world and provides services in more than 100 different languages. It does not provide trade services to traders based in these countries: US; UK; Japan; Lithuania; North Korea; Algeria; Myanmar; Iraq.

Trading spreads, commissions, trading platforms, regulations, dozens of user reviews of popular forex and CFD brokers are time consuming for traders. We recommend that you read the user reviews on the website before you start trading on Amarkets. We have done the hard work for you and now you can trade with a company with a fast and modern trading platform with a variety of assets and fast customer service.


How to trade Boom and Crash Indices and Make Profit

Trading is not easy for anyone but in this article i share with you every necessary things you need to be successful in this trading journey of boom and crash . There is no 100% strategy in trading but is good you understand at least 95% of trading boom and crash indices .That is why i am here to guild you so make sure you pay attention to every thing written in this article because you will use it conquer trading boom and crash even if you have not been profitable before you will start doing so you will know How to trade Boom and Crash Indices and Make Profit

Meaning of boom and crash indices

if you new in trading you might heard about boom 1000, Crash 1000, boom 500, Crash 500, now i will explain what boom and crash is all about , for those who have are new or have not heard about it boom and crash are synthetic indices that is being pioneer by binary.com or deriv.com platform . They are aspect of trading forex market, With boom 1000 or boom 500, there is an average spike that occur at at a given time of 1000 or 500 ticks. With Crash 1000 or Crash 500 there is average drop in price of 1000 or 500 ticks. So boom and Crash is rise up and down and has it unique movement in nature that or that indices. if you not open a free account you do not need to waste time then start by clicking HereTo make it clear for the beginners boom normally sell with small candle stick then after a short period of time it will rise up and that what is call a spike . For crash it is normally buy and after a short period of time it will rise with a big candle stick. So boom does opposite of Crash and vice vasa. How to trade Boom and Crash Indices and Make Profit you can watch the video below

How to trade Boom and Crash Indices and Make Profit Strategy

Many people wonder even the beginners and professional still confuse how boom and crash market moves this is because boom and crash have a spike in them that is difference between it to currency pairs , future market or other trading asset. Boom and crash have been configure to the way that they buy or sell using what is called spike. It is good to understand how boom and crash move before you go ahead trading this will make you have better confidence when trading it .How to trade Boom and Crash Indices Very Well is very important

before proceeding further i want to explain something ,when one start trading boom 1000 or boom 500 and crash 1000 or crash 500 he or she will observe that boom

How to trade Boom and Crash Indices and Make Profit
How to trade Boom and Crash Indices and Make Profit
How to trade Boom and Crash Indices and Make Profit

How to trade Boom and Crash Indices and Make Profit




Advise : This requires tons of knowledge regarding risk management strategies, money management, system Control, and various other aspects that go along with successfully managing your account.



MA_InitValue = Smallest MA value MA_Increment = MA Increase from low to high There are 40 MA curves in this Indicator.

Other settings are quite clear

















Depends on your trade duration.

Use TF = 1M FOR trade up to 35 minutes.

Use TF = M5 for trade between 1HR- 1HR 30 minutes.

For Boom and Crash the best time frame is M1 . Use TF = M5 FOR CONFIRMATION


We always use the m15 ,m5 for confirmation on price action to Perfect Our entries .




Any M can sell and as well, any M can fail! But there are Ms with higher probabilities.

M formations can be classified into 3 types based on their behavior with the 25 EMA and success rates.

An M can have  nadir or bottom tip candles . What that means is that price pushes up to create an outside structure (1st leg), comes down to , pushes up again and then close back below it (2nd leg).

It’s always better to wait for the candle to close below the 25 EMA before selling. The candle that comes in to close below the 25 EMA is called the shift candle, After the shift candle is formed, often times there will be a pullback candle within the next 3 candles that form. The pullback candle is usually a fake out candle. The market maker uses this fake out candle to give one more fake move before the real move.


Everything discussed here for an M can be inversely applied to a W.


Support and resistance zones can be effective on any time frame chart; 15 minutes and up.

Support and resistance lines are zones, not specific points. Expect prices to reverse in this general area; do not expect prices to turn about instantly. These areas of resistance can easily range up to 30-40 pips in size

Increasing your knowledge and understanding of support and resistance is a vital element.You will also be presented with various triggers that when combined with support and resistance knowledge can generate outstanding trade setups. USING SUPPPORT AND RESISTANCE YOU will be able to help you identify where and when you should enter and exit your trades. The unique aspect of resistance zones is that once they are broken they can often act as a new support level of the price. The same is true for support zones as they often become resistance once broken. Support and resistance lines help improve your odds by outlining a more probable outcome


How to trade Boom and Crash Indices and Make Profit

To successfully trade Forex you need to be able to create a strategy How to trade Boom and Crash Indices Very Well that will maximize your chances of winning, yet leave room for losing trades. Once again it is important to remember that being a successful trader does not mean winning every trade. Losing is a normal part of trading. However, in order to be a successful Forex trader, it is critical to be able to properly take advantage of your pre- planned trading setups. By doing this you are able to increase you odds and with proper risk management can enhance your trading success. It is important to note here that historical performance is not indicative of future results.


The Top Amarkets Reviews, Detailed Look at a Popular Binary Options Trading Platform

Introduction: What is Amarkets and Why Choose Them?

Amarkets is a leading global market research company with offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

We work with many prestigious Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Intel and Nike. We provide top-quality services in the areas of market research, customer analytics, competitive intelligence and marketing strategy.

We help our clients devise effective strategies that yield tangible results.

keywords: amarkets review, amarkets, binary options trading platform reviews

Explore the Platform’s Pros and Cons


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Best Features You Can Expect Along with Disadvantages You Might Face

keywords: best features of ammarkets, disadvantages of ammarkets

How to Open an Account on AmMarkets?

To open an account on AmMarkets.com, you need to register first.

Registering is free and takes less than five minutes.

And the process is different for registered and anonymous users

How to register for a new account?

For registered users:

– Fill in your name, email address, password

– Join using your Facebook or Google+ credentials

– Select whether you are a trader or investor

keywords: how to sign up with amarkset)

What are the Best Deposit Methods for AmMarket Customers? Which One is Ideal for You?

keywords: best deposits options for binary trading account, best deposit methods for binary trading account)

What are the Differences Between Demo Account and Live Account on the Platforms?

HOW TO TRADE BOOM1000/500 AND CRASH 1000/500 SUCCESSFULLY|boom and crash strategy 2021


It is a trading asset that can be classified under synthetic indexes. A novice trader can easily predict its movement as it has numerous small bearish candles and an occasional long bullish spike. Given the right tools and enough knowledge any trader can make consistence winning trades/profits. When trading boom one can buy or sell boom 500 but most of the time when you open Boom100/ 500 index it is always selling hence the right way is to trade the small bearish candles. However selling boom can be stressful as you can be hit by an unforgiving spike. One must not worry about the long spikes as I am going to fully explain on methods that can enable us get profits from both trading spikes and trading small selling bearish candlesticks. Anyone can be asking what Crash 500 is, well it is just the opposite of what has been said above. Crash 500 index has numerous bullish candlesticks and an occasional bearish candlestick which normally engulf six plus small bullish candlesticks.



I have to be clear with everyone here that when anyone wants to start trading he or she must first of all understand charts formations, identifying direction of the trend and be able to spot zones of resistance and support all this can be made possible by indicators which are already installed in both MT4 and MT5. I urge you all not to be confused as I am going to go through every aspect with you such that you can understand fully. Basically the different moving averages will show you the direction of the trend and one must understand that these Moving Averages also works as support and resistance zones. Following are set of indicators that will be used to trade either boom or crash and they can be also used when buying crash or selling crash as well as selling boom or buying boom.

The information displayed in the above pictures is essential when you setup your indicators. Basically what is needed are the 3 Moving averages and Relative strength index to start the ball rolling. Fig 1 shows how you set up your EMA 200 (Exponential Moving Average), the colour of the moving average you can put the colour of your choice. In Fig 2 it shows you how you set up your EMA 50 but on this one you apply at median price please do refer to the above picture. Moving on in fig 3, this is the Exponential Moving Average 9 you apply it to close and you have to choose the colour of your choice. Lastly on setting up indicators we have the relative strength index, use period 3 apply to close you have to put 3 levels. These levels are as follows, level 10 is strong buy, level 50 is take profit or wait and lastly is level 90 which is strong sell and again you have to put the colours that you like. It will be much easier if you use the same colours as mine such that it will be less confusing when you are following my charts and examples later.


Finally when you finish up setting the indicators your chart should come up as follows

You should not be confused I only rotated my screen, having set up the indicators all you charts should appear as one above.


This is one of the most important aspect in this book hence one has to pay great attention to details because that is where all the magic begins. First we have to define what we really mean by support and resistance in forex trading context. Support zone is a price level where a downtrend can be expected to pause due to concentration on demand. At times the price level can reverse or it can be broken meaning that there will be continuation in downward movement. Many traders take advantage of these zones to spot accurate entries. The same can be said when it comes to resistance zones these are normally price ceilings, the price level will be actually beneath it. When identifying the either resistance or support zones one should not draw lines that pleases his or her eyes but rather draw lines that can be seen by any person it must not be hard to see or identify.

We should know that when drawing support and resistance zones one should use bigger time frames i.e. 15m, 30m, 1hr and 4hr time frames then you use 1m time frame to take positions. I am going to insert pictures of examples of what I am talking about.

One should understand that resistance lines can act as support lines later if the price level breaks the resistance and later returns. Firstly let’s look at BLUE ARROW where it is pointing, (9060.617) the price level broke it at first then when it returned it was now a

resistant zone and again it was broken again but this time when the price level returned it bounced back upwards( makes it support zones). It retested the same level for about 4 times before it was broken again for the market to continue downwards. Where the YELLOW ARROW is pointing is another support/resistance zones (8864.358) at first it acted as a support level which was later broken and it turned to resistance. The black arrow is pointing at (8709.672) it was a support which was broken into then turned to resistance.

This has to be understood very well because it is the foundation of the strategy.

As it can be seen in the above picture we can take positions from the information provided by the use of support and resistance. Also take note of the Moving averages both EMA 200 and EMA 50. EMA 200 is giving us confirmation of the trend meaning that when taking sell positions they must be taken when price level hits our resistance zones. Take note that when market reverses you should wait until the reversal candle completes this is to ensure that surely the trend is in the reverse mode. With the information presented above there are several entry points that can be held.

Now let us look at another example, in the above picture we can see that two lines were drawn and the candlesticks were moving in a channel, each time when the price level reached support line it reversed upwards( left blue arrow). The line was acting as support zones and it is seen later that support line was broken. As seen above it represents buying opportunities (when price level touches support). If we look at the two arrows to our right they shows a resistance line, market is reversing at that level and several retests has been noticed hence they means entry points (perfect selling opportunities). Ladies and gentlemen this information needs to be digested well, one should take more time grasping these concept such that consistence profits can be made.

Moving on, in the above picture we can see the indicators we setup that they are now at work. EMA 200(red moving average) has been telling us the direction of the trend. The chart above is Boom 500 index chart and it is clearly selling all the way. The next question will be how can we spot entries positions??? If you have been following you now know when to enter. Those three arrows shows us the perfect time to execute trades. Since it is a down trend we sell, if you get your entries right it therefore means that there will be no fear for spikes as the market is on the downtrend.

The next thing that you should do is to set up your take profit; you should not be greedy as the market can be disastrous if you try to take everything. You should know that boom and crash do not respect stop loss, spikes are superfast that it can be hardly detected by our normal computers maybe super computers can do the job therefore we should be cautious.

After we draw all necessary support and resistance we can go across all time frames and it should be noticeable. This strategy applies to both Boom 500 and Crash 500 even other trading assets, when you master the basics you have better knowledge about forex trading as a whole. Furthermore after identifying support and resistance you can then come to the 1m time frame to see if you were accurate enough on identifying these zones. Below is the example and I have used the same support lines/levels that I have already identified before.

From the above information we can notice that from the support line 9060.617 respected the setup. It is clear that when price level hit that support zone it reversed not once but more than two times check out the areas where I put blue circles. Boom and Crash 500 respects support and resistance. We can all ask when the RSI index starts to work, well here is the example when you start to look at your RSI indicator

Firstly let us look at the purple arrow where it is pointing, it is actually pointing at strong buy region and please note that at times it might go beyond strong buy region. With boom 500

index when you are trading spikes that’s the area that you will be focusing on the most, then with crash 500 it will be the opposite will further look into it. Now look at the orange arrow, it is pointing at the support line 9060.617 meaning that the market will reverse. You need at least two confirmations for you to enter a position, when the price level was rushing towards the support and when the RSI was also in the strong buy region one could take the trade knowing a spike will come. The above chart is in 15min timeframe meaning one candle is 15mins long.


Red arrow is showing us that the market entered strong buy and it stayed for a bit longer and eventually it spiked upwards. We should take into consideration that whenever we draw support and resistance lines accurately there is high probability that you will be in profit. Use of right lot sizes is key, it will make you stay in the game for long and it also makes it possible for you to withstand the small bearish candlesticks (Boom 500).

We now have to check out Crash 500 index, because we have been using Boom 500 as reference now it is high time that we use Crash 500 index chart so that you can see it is really easy to follow. Crash 500 index has small bullish candles and occasional bearish candles. When trading this asset you have to adhere to support and resistance zones for

you to catch crashing spikes as they happen. I am going to insert more examples on crash 500 index for easy referencing.

From the above picture I have drawn a resistant line (10541.734) which is easy to see from a distance such that anyone can notice the activity going on. The price level 10398.465 (blue in colour) we also notice that it has been tested three times meaning one can draw a support line at that zone. Furthermore the two orange arrows are showing where the market reversed hence one can open sell positions when price action touches resistance line (10541.734). Since it is a 15min timeframe when you catch those spikes it therefore means you will be in good profits. Please bear in mind that we use bigger timeframes to draw support and resistance and it can be 15min / 30min / 1hr and 4hr

When we check at our moving averages we see that the moving average that shows us the trend’s direction is going sideways (check the formation of candlesticks inside the rectangle) it therefore means that the market is consolidating. The only way to spot entries is to use resistance and support areas. But again you should exercise great deal of patience so that you can spot good set ups which will put a smile on your faces.


The above picture shows us a different case from what we were talking about, firstly we look at the red arrow. It is pointing at the EMA200 and that alone can tell us the direction of the trend (downtrend). At the beginning of this document I mentioned that the moving averages can be represent strong resistance/support level, take closer look in the green rectangle it is evident that the price level reached the EMA200 several times before it broke through (each time when it touched the ema200 we were presented with clear sell entries). Finally when the market broke the ema200 it went up until it reached the resistance level 10541.734 (blue arrow) and it reversed again (more downward spikes). This is how you catch spikes guys, there is no HOLY GRAIL in trading Boom and Crash 500 that gives you signals at your disposal. One should know that you have to employ the ideas that I have been talking about to enhance your trading and increasing your success rate.


This is the easiest strategy that can be followed by anyone. When you trading Boom 500

/1000 one should be selling and if it is Crash 500/1000 you will be buying. The ultimate goal is to try to avoid painful spikes at all cost. As any strategy it also has its drawbacks but I can guarantee that when on adhere to the principles of this strategy you can make consistence profits and enables one to withdraw profits frequently.

Rules of the 2min strategy

  • EMA 200 should be confirming the direction of the trend use bigger time frames such as 30min, 1hr and 4hr.
  • When it is Boom 500 Index RSI should be above take profit zone (strong sell region). When you are dealing with crash 500 it will be the opposite
  • You enter the trade for 2mins only after a spike meaning that you take two candles and close your trade.
  • Avoid opening multiple positions
  • Use right lot sizes for example if you open $0.10 lot size after 2mins you would have made 20 cents. But when you have huge capital when you open $50 lot size in 2mins you make +$150
  • Identify resistance and support zones.
  • Use proper money management
  • Do not force trades rather trade right setups

The chart above is Boom 500 index in 1hr time frame, the two arrows shows EMA 200 which is confirming the direction of the trend. The blue arrows are pointing at resistance and support levels. When these zones are well identified they can be used for several days as boom /crash 500 markets goes up and down.

After we are done with the trend’s direction we then go to 1min time to enter the positions. Let’s refer to the picture below:

When we have a spike we then jump in the trade and sell two candles then exit. Let us look in the red rectangle there have been 5 spikes which means that 5 entries. We also look at the EMA 200 in the 1min time frame when it is above the candlesticks we can easily sell without fearing spikes. Black rectangle also represents entry positions but at the same time can you see that if you try to prolong time in the trade you might have hit those long spikes.

As I said earlier when you sell boom 500 make sure RSI is above take profit zone check the blue rectangle and the green rectangle. Moreover when you look at the yellow rectangle it is evident that most spikes happened when the RSI indicator hit the strong buy area.

I encourage those starting Boom and Crash 500 to use demo accounts and perfect this 3strategy. As you practice it you get to understand the market better and it means that you can even hold trades for longer.


When you trade spikes you have no fear of losing one big chunk of your trading capital at once. If you are right in trading spikes it will be quite hard to blow your account. This is accompanied by other factors such as good money management and good calculation on your risk reward ratio. Like any strategy it has its own rules that must be strictly followed. Benefits of trading spikes is that you can set stop loss and trailing stop loss.

Rules of trading Spikes

  • A great deal of patience as spike takes time to occur
  • Only trade uptrend (boom500) and trade a downtrend (crash 500)
  • EMA 200 should be above candlesticks in Crash 500 and EMA200 should be below candlesticks when trading Boom 500.
  • Use bigger timeframes to draw support and resistance
  • Use at least two confirmations to enter a trade.

We take a chart and analyse it very well, when it comes to trading spikes we have to be accurate as possible. Firstly we draw support and resistance zones and we should pay attention on moving averages as they offer entries. RSI indicator also plays a greater role as it gives confirmations on entries.

Let me explain before we go into more details and examples. When trading Boom, the rsi indicator should be at the strong buy region (price floor), for Crash 500 the rsi indicator should be at the strong sell zone (price ceiling). When we catch a spike we wait for market to hit the ema9 if it breaks it with more than 3 small candles we exit the trades, this applies to both crash and boom. Normally for us to hold on the trade we look for spikes that engulf more than 10 small candles at once, then we hold until it hits the ema9 if it do not spike more we cash out.

One has to draw support and resistance lines in bigger timeframes, having done that 1min timeframe can then be used to observe and take trades. Another thing that must be noted is that use recent areas of resistance and support to be more accurate on your trades.

Check out the picture above, it looks familiar right? I already drawn lines that represents support and resistance for Boom 500 index. Important factors that can be noted there are zones of resistance and support has been identified in bigger time frames. Moving on we also see that the EMA 200 is above the candlesticks meaning that it is a downtrend (Boom 500), it won’t be ideal to trade we should then wait for the market to present us with an opportunity to trade. Let us look at another example that you guys should look for when you wish to trade spikes

Fellow traders check out the picture above it shows the right setups needed for one to trade spikes in Boom 500. In the black square we see that it is when the market changed direction and the EMA 200 is below the candlesticks which strongly shows an uptrend. Let us look at the arrow in the square and then check the RSI indicator it is at the strong buy region, this the complete set up needed to catch on spikes. Now when we look at the resistance and support, they were changing from being resistance to support at some point. When the market was moving towards the support that was another buy entry forming, then the confirmation needed to take the trade was the RSI indicator. Again EMA 200 acted (look in the circle) as a firm support and that was a buy entry one could take advantage of. There is nothing more to it guys this is all that is needed to trade spikes, if you trade two 30mins candlesticks you weekly profit target would have been hit.

Since we strictly adhere to the rules of this strategy we are good and that what’s needed.

Since we looked at Boom 500, let us now dwell on Crash 500 and put across all necessary information to sell crash 500. If you have been paying attention on Boom then one should not find it difficult to understand as it is just the opposite of what we have been talking about. We use the support and resistance and moving averages to spot entries. As usual we look in the bigger timeframes for zones of resistance and support. Let us look at the examples below

The chart above is 30mins timeframe I only drew one support /resistance line which enabled to take trades. Compliance with the rules were met, EM200 must be above the candlesticks to ensure a downtrend. In the green rectangle we can see that the market was respecting both support and resistance (moving average 200). Since it is was a downtrend, when the market reached the EMA 200 was a clear sell and by executing that trade one was guaranteed many spikes.

As the trend continuing downwards let us look at the red arrows , there are series of spikes at zones of resistance. First is the red arrow at your left, then market reversed a little and when it got to the resistance and spiked down again. There is nothing more guys treat crash

500 as any other asset and keep on practicing in the demo accounts until you all understand.

I have reiterated that once you draw your support / resistance correctly you can use the same zones for quite a while. Let us refer to the following picture below

About 2 weeks later we revisited the chart and check the same resistance we identified has been respected several times. Look in the purple rectangle and look at the red resistance line (10541.734). Market has been reversing at that point and for trading spikes it would be again perfect spot on entries. The blue double arrow shows us that in indicator 1 window RSI indicator confirmed that indeed a spike was coming since it was in the oversold region hence a spike was imminent. Basically that’s what we look at when trading spikes.

Finally let us look at the last example on crash 500 which will be the 1min timeframe


Never make miscalculated move by trying to execute trades when all conditions are not met as you can lose your hard earned cash. Now if we go back to the picture above you see how important it is to identify resistance as most spikes originates from resistance areas when you are trading Crash 500 or even Crash 1000

In conclusion this strategy needs to be revisited over and over again until you understand how the charts move. I urge novice traders to practice more in demo accounts or to trade with small capital such that you can learn on handling emotions.

Boom and crash 500 respects resistance and support and these assets must be traded carefully. All the listed rules that I talked about must be strictly adhered to. When trading boom and crash you must use right lot sizes that will not lead to loss of capital in short period of time.


Forex Trading Psychology: Having expertise in market analysis or having extensive knowledge about Forex is not the only factor that determines that you will be making consistence profits in trading. You may know many perfect 2min strategy and other successful strategies out there as well as using all the indicators out there, but if you don’t learn something that is very important then you will have a hard time making money in trading. Hence it is the skill needed to be successful of managing your own emotions.


Experienced traders are quite good and they do handle their emotions well. They exactly knows when to trade the market and when it’s better not to trade. The below are the ways how we all can handle emotions when trading.

  1. Don’t trade out of greed

This helps to avoid many things that will cause a stressful emotional response. And if you are really in fear or not in the mood to trade, simply avoid placing trades. It is better than placing a trade and losing money.

  • Be aware of the uncertainty in Forex Trading

Experienced traders are aware of the uncertainty in the Forex market which is not the same as lack of confidence. It is just a fact in Forex, No matter how good your trading decision is, the market can unexpectedly go against your predictions at any time. If you clearly

understand this while placing a trade, you won’t get a shock when the trade results in a loss. All you need to do is to be fully prepared to face the loss. There is a saying: Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. You have to be mentally prepared to accept the loss you face. This will certainly reduce the impact of negative emotions. The Awareness of uncertainty is another crucial thing to understand when it comes to Forex trading psychology.

  • They never expect quick profit

This is also related to greed. What do novice Forex traders do when they want to make some quick money? They just place trades with huge trading volume and lot sizes. But when you choose a huge lot size, you are also risking a huge amount of money. While Forex traders who do this only consider one possibility and blinded by thinking how much they can earn if the trade goes well, they completely forget or ignore another possibility: If the trade doesn’t go as expected, they will lose a huge amount of money. Also, in a few more trades they end up losing their entire capital. We all should stay away from this type of trading and always follow a good risk management.

To sum up, understanding three important things about Forex trading psychology can make a big difference: Taking breaks when you are too emotional, always being aware of the uncertainty in the Forex market and practicing wise risk management. Prevention is better than cure

Avoid all possible ways that emotions can ruin your performance. Have a very good trading plan. Trading with good planning reduces risk and also prevents any emotions to affect your performance. You need to develop your own personalized trading plan and develop a solid trading discipline.

Once you have got three consecutive profit trades or losing trades, it is better to take a break. If you get three consecutive profit trades, your fourth trade may be entirely motivated by overconfidence. If you get three consecutive losses, your fourth trade will be driven by an extreme need to earn back the money you have lost.

Money Management Tips

Invest funds that you can afford to lose: please do not take stupid risks by investing money that you need for daily basics. This is because it’s possible to lose all your trading capital, and secondly, because trading with funds you live on will add extra pressure and emotional stress to your trading, compromising your decision making abilities and increasing the chances of making mistakes.

Keep your risk consistent: Most novice traders usually increase their positions sizes as soon as they make profits, which is one of the best ways to get your account wiped out. Keep your risk consistent!

Do not become over-confident and less risk-averse Just because few winning trades doesn’t mean that the next one is going to be profitable as past results do not guarantee future results. When you worked on your trading plan, you had to set up rules to decide about an effective size for your positions. This is just one step in establishing a successful trading method, now you need to stick to and follow your investment plan.

Bottom line: These tips are just the cornerstone to better manage your risk – as you research further, you’ll find other Forex trading tools and techniques for beginners or

professional traders that you can use to improve your trading career. Before using a live trading account, try to back-test your trading plan on a demo account until you fully understand how my two strategies works.




Trading boom and crash is just like trading any other indices. However the nature of boom and crash is a bit different from any other indices like vix 75, step indices. The thing about the family of boom and crash is it is mostly traded in one minute time frame. These indices are mostly traded using strategies and tools that will help you to catch the spikes as they are the most important and profitable .they give you profits in a matter of minutes than other indices and currencies, it will be just like trading events everyday like NFP.

BOOM AND CRASH can be traded using price action as well but it will need the aid of tools to help and catch spikes. This strategy will help you to make profit consistently and to be honest with you forex is not a win win type of business they are loses that are incurred but the main goal in forex is to have a better winning percentage than that of your loses. Also in forex they is no 100% strategy … but if you follow this strategy you are guaranteed that 80% of your trades will make you profits.

Boom is for catching buy spikes and crash we always catch sell spikes whenever the spikes appear we need to catch them. We don’t buy crash and sell boom. We only sell crash and buy boom.

Boom 1 000 and crash 1000 has a tendency of continuing above 10 and below 90 respectively. This happens when the price has just lifted from a strong support in terms of boom 1000and also if the price is coming from a strong resistance… crash 1000 will also travel above 90 and avoiding spiking early whilst it has reached our sell area. The price will always spike after it has reached the spiking levels. When the support and the resistance is very strong at which the price will be lifting from which can be checked in higher time frames and see if the market is on a strong support or resistance then you stay away from such a trade and wait for the perfect setups an when market I going to our direction …then its game up …we make money.


  1. Relative strength index.
    1. set to period 14 apply to close
    1. levels must be 90,70,30.10
  • 200 exponential moving average.
  • 50 simple moving average.
  • 800 moving average.


200 EMA-used as resistance when price is on down trend or support when price is on the uptrend.

Also used to show trend direction. When candles are below the 200 EMA it shows downtrend when they are above its shows that price is on uptrend. When the EMA is cutting between the candles the market then the price is ranging.

50 SMA- used as medium resistance when price is on down trend or support when price is on the uptrend.

Also used to show trend direction. When candles are below the 200 EMA it shows downtrend when they are above its shows that price is on uptrend. When the EMA is cutting between the candles the market then the price is ranging.

800 EMA- used as STRONG resistance when price is on down trend or support when price is on the uptrend.

Also used to show trend direction. When candles are below the 200 EMA it shows downtrend when they are above its shows that price is on uptrend. When the EMA is cutting between the candles the market then the price is ranging.

RSI- used to give signals for entry such as if the price is at level 10 and 30 you buy and the levels are the level 70 an 90 you sell.



The first thing is to draw your support and resistance in the 15 mins time frame and the after that we always turn to our strategy. The market will also find support and resistance at the 200 EMA hence for a buy these conditions should be met.

  1. When the price is below the 50 SMA look to buy when the RIS is at level 10.
  2. When market is ranging look for a buy opportunity at level 30 on the RSI.
  3. When price is near or above the 50 SMA look to buy when RSI is at level 30.
  4. When price reaches the 800 moving average you also look to buy.
  5. Always look to buy when price reaches level 30 and level 10.


A buy on boom 500

When the market is at the level 30 you enter a buy.Also when the price is on the strong support the 800 EMA in red we confirm with the RSI and then enter a buy then we catch our spike and make profit.

A buy on boom 1000

When price reaches level 10 and or 30 we consider the terms at the top and then we enter our trades catch spikes and make money.

Always make sure to consider the conditions we stated that should be followed when entering a buy.

When the price reached level ten look how it spiked and went upwards and made profits.

How to sell crash 1000 and crash 500

The first thing is to draw your support and resistance in the 15 mins time frame and the 1 hour time frame. After that we always turn to our strategy. The market will also find support and resistance at the 200 EMA hence for a sell these conditions should be met.

  1. When the price is below the 50 SMA look to sell when the RIS is at level 70.
  2. When market is ranging look for a sell opportunity at level 70 on the RSI.
  3. When price is near or above the 50 SMA look to sell when RSI is at level 90.
  4. When price reaches the 800 moving average you also look to sell.
  5. When price is above the 200 EMA you look to sell at level 90.
  6. When the price is above both EMA it will be on a strong uptrend you might wanna stay away from the charts at that time.


This is a sell on crash 1000.when the price reaches level 90 you look to sell and when price is at level 70 on the RSI you also look to enter a sell

When the price reaches the red moving average(800) it faced rejection hence resistance and price had reached the 70 level…. that was a clear sell right there..Then it also reached the black moving average (200) and it had reached level 70.. a sell signal again.

If you follow the trading plan you will make profits and if you apply proper risk management you will make profits.


We look to sell crash and buy boom. When you want to sell crash you need to visit the higher time frames like the 1 hr and see the direction of the market if the market is on a strong uptrend you might want to wait a little and wait for it to start retracing and find opportunities on the strategy. Same applies to boom we always buy boom but before you start buying and using the strategy you want to make sure that the market is not on a strong downtrend.. The strategy is most profitable if you follow the rules of forex and price action which is.. going with the trend so always look to sell crash on a downtrend and buy boom on an uptrend. Look at the charts below.

This is when the market is on a strong sell on the boom market .it will pull under the 10th level while you expect it to spike… so if you buy against the trend and this starts showing on your RSI and probably you will start blaming the strategy whilst you were supposed to follow the trend and make money .always remember the trend is your friend.

This is an example of crash on a strong uptrend. See how it travels above 90 .hence you should always go with the trend.

This strategy goes well when you are following the trend not when you are going against it.

Hence avoid buying boom at resistance levels and selling crash on support levels. Screenshots


Trading in the Forex market is a challenging opportunity where above average Returns are available to educate and experienced investors who are willing to take Above average risk. However, before deciding to participate in Forex trading, you Should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk Appetite. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

There is considerable exposure to risk in any foreign exchange transaction. Any Transaction involving currencies involves risks including, but not limited to, the Potential for changing political and/or economic conditions that may substantially Affect the price or liquidity of a currency.

Moreover, the leveraged nature of FX trading means that any market movement will Have an equally proportional effect on your deposited funds. This may work against You as well as for you. The possibility exists that you could sustain a total loss of Initial margin funds and be required to deposit additional funds to maintain your Position. If you fail to meet any margin call within the time prescribed, your position Will be liquidated, without prior notice to you, and you will be responsible for any Resulting losses. Investors may lower their exposure to risk by employing proper risk Management practices.

Risk Disclaimer for Forex Trading

Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

Trade to withdraw with OptimusFxtrading   HELLO TRADERS

This document is going to be guiding you on how to trade Boom 500 and Crash 500. I am going to make it as simple as possible for many of you to easily follow. The main purpose of it is to enhance your trading experience and also help you make numerous withdrawals rather than deposits.

How To Trade On Binance 2021

How To Trade On Binance

Once you have a cryptocurrency, you can trade hundreds of tokens and coins on Binance. As you can see, Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can exchange bitcoin or ethereum-based currencies for another cryptocurrency. It is like exchanging euro notes for dollar bills when you go to America, for example.

The ease and speed with which you can trade cryptocurrencies in real time is a major attraction for Binance users. At the top of the box, you can enter the cryptocurrency you want to exchange, the amount you want to exchange, and so on.

To withdraw your winnings from your account, convert them and keep them in your Binance fiat wallet. In this binance tutorial I use Coinbase as an example, but this is just one way to fund your account. You can deposit money by sending cryptocurrencies to a crypto wallet on a stock exchange – such as Coinbase – or directly to your Coinbase account.

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Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms and provides you with a great transaction handling experience. To make this experience possible, you need to know how to trade on Binance, which can be a bit difficult when you are first using the platform. This tutorial will teach you how to use Binance by opening an account and making some basic trades.

I recommend this exchange for crypto traders of all levels of experience. It is simple enough for beginners and offers enough coins and features to keep even experienced dealers happy.

Binance offers its users a wide range of coins and market information not found on most other exchanges. The only users who may have difficulty using Binance are those who do not own a cryptocurrency or do not understand the basics of cryptocurrency trading. Binance Uganda allows traders to use the exchange for the first time to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currency.

Binance is a stock exchange that was founded in 2017 and focuses heavily on trading in old coins. It is used by a large number of traders and participants to exchange and invest in various cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts willing to launch their own tokens can use Binance to raise money via initial coin offerings (ICOs).

They also provide their traders with crypto wallets in which to store their electronic funds. Key Takeaways Binance Exchange is an online exchange where users can trade cryptocurrencies. It has become the most popular crypto exchange, offering the trading of more than 500 cryptocurrencies and virtual tokens for a tenth of the US dollar quantity specified by customers including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE), as well as its own token Binance Coin (BNB).

If futures trading is not your thing there are several regulated brokers that offer CFDs for trading coins, which can be a good alternative. It should be noted that they do not have as extensive an offer as Binance. There are a large number of trading pairs, including options for trading two cryptocurrencies without the need to trade in one USD, and options for trading between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in USD.

Binance Fiat Trading on Binance (Uganda) Dealers who use Binance can use Fiat currencies to buy cryptocurrencies. Fiat Trading is available on the Binance platform for users who do not want to enter crypto trading. Binance gives its users the kind of market information not available on other exchanges with a wide selection of coins.

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Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies gained popularity with retail investors during the global pandemic, prompting regulators to intensify scrutiny of trading platforms, even though trading in cryptocurrencies is largely unregulated. Regulators, including in the United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, and Italy, are concerned about consumer protection standards and anti-money laundering controls on cryptoexchanges, increasing pressure on Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptoexchanges by trading volume. Changpeng Zhao, chief executive of Binance, said on Tuesday that he wanted to improve relations with regulators and said exchanges should seek approval to establish regional headquarters.

Cryptocurrency exchange users can use Binance to trade cryptocurrencies. According to Statista, Binance is the largest crypto exchange on the market. If you do not have a cryptocurrency, you need to buy some for trading on Binance.

Binance.us is the American business partner of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, founded in 2017 in China. Binance caught the attention of investors with lower fees than many other cryptocurrency exchanges, but we recommend paying a little more for additional transparency. However, Binance stopped accepting US users in 2019 and announced it was partnering with a US-based version of its platform called Binance.com.

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How To Trade and Use Boom 500 Index Signals 2021

The boom index (1000-500) is the average of a spike in the price range that occurs every 1,000-500 ticks. The crash index (1,000, 500) shows the average price decline that occurs every 1000-500 ticks. The 500 Crash (1000) and the 500 Crash (500) are synthetic indices for all aspects of foreign exchange trading, with the Crash Index falling on average every 1000 to 500 ticks in each price series. In the Boom Index, the average is the one that soars in both price ranges (which occur every 1000 to 500 ticks).

Trade boom and crash require good analysis, traders need to recognize support and resistance before they enter trading. Sometimes it is difficult to study all the tricks of the market, because there is no 100% perfect strategy.

There are many things that prevent you from achieving the best results in the trading boom and crash, such as lack of money management, trader psychology and strategy. According to my research, the physiology of trade is the most important in trade contributing 55%, money management 35% and strategy 15%. A number of traders, experts and beginners had problems with the market structure during the boom and crash. Currency pairs during a boom or crash are structured to buy and sell with spikes and even phases of ticks.

This makes it difficult for brokers to play the trader off, as the market is too volatile on its own. For example, if I trade boom-boom-500, boom-1000, crash-crash-500 and 1000 assets, I can observe the boom in the market, sell the standard crash assets and buy the default crash. When it comes to trading synthetic indices and currency pairs, I am not very good at fundamental analysis, but I find it easier to do technical analysis and place trading at a profit.

When we get a spike, we wait for the market to hit EMA9, and when it breaks through (no more than 3 small candles), we leave trading and apply the crash boom. In the trading boom, the RSI indicator is strong in the buying region (price lower limit) and in the crash 500 in the sales zone (price upper limit).

For those of us who trade, we are looking for a spike that will devour more than 10 small candles that we will hold until the market reaches EMA9, if it stops rising, we will cash in. Wait in the M1 timeframe until the EMAs and RSI are in an overbought range. If the 50% EMA exceeds 200EMA and goes down, this indicates a strong signal to start selling, as our conditions for the RSI are met.

The strategic goal is to have at least 3 spikes in trade before you take over. When the spike comes, wait until the price drops back below the $13 mark and enter again.

In any case, you never know what the best solid trading system is and what is best for you as a trader. What lies ahead is a trading strategy that respects price actions.

Trading during a boom or crash, if you use the right batch size, does not result in a short-term capital loss. A crash in the 500 will respect the resistance and support of the traded asset. Fusion Media accepts no responsibility for any trading losses that you may incur as a result of the use of this information.

The first strategy is to use special custom indicators to help you analyse the market. Boom and Crash Scalper will help boom and crash traders make quick profits by trading in boom or crash indices.

When I started trading boom and crash markets, I started my trading adventures with Scalper. In fact, in my first year of trading, I experienced more than 95% of the boom / crash traders I met at Scalper. This confirms the way the market is structured, peaks and booms, buy/scrap and sell situations, the low risk / return ratio of the day, swing trading and small lots sizes.

In this graph of the boom 500 index over a 1 hour time frame, the two arrows show the EMA 200, which confirms the direction of the trend. Once this zone was identified, it was used for several days as the boom in the 500 market went up and down.