Boom And Crash  Strategy guide for 2022/2023

Indices like Boom and crash, VIX attract investors from around the world, but there is no reliable and complete guide to how synthetic indices like the VIX can be traded. If you are trying to trade VIX or any other synthetic index such as Crash or Boom, here is the boom and crash strategy for 2022/2023  guide.

what is boom and crash index?


Synthetic indices are simulated trading instruments that move on the basis of underlying securities based on the stock market or other financial markets. Volatility index is a type of synthetic index that simulates a market by mimicking the volatility of the real world market. The number in the volatility index represents the volatility of the index in relation to the real volatility of the financial markets.


 How does Binary works in synthetic indices

Binary volatility indices are synthetic copies of the volatility index, which means that they are created by binary brokers and run on binary brokers, which is different from the VIX. Many simulated markets include a boom-and-crash index, and the most profitable index is the boom-and-crash index, or volatility index.

Here the focus is more on the analysis of Boom 1000 Index, Boom 500 Index, Crash 1000 Index and Crash 500 Index. Learn the basics and see real-time examples of approaches and strategies for trading indices the crash and boom. The price analysis and reviews can also be found on the Boom and Crash Weekend Review page, as well as a quick search for potential boom and crash spikes.

How to trade boom and crash

shNow we come to the strategies of boom and crash trading. I will explain two strategies for scaling the booms and crashes. FrankFX is a boom / crash scalper that can help boom and crash traders  to make quick profits by trading in boom and / or crash indices.

The movement of the underlying asset determines your AC / AA gain or loss depending on the position you occupy. Boom and Crash Index is a synthetic index covering all aspects of foreign exchange trading boom and crash index is a market tick based simulation of stocks over time for a single futures asset boom 500 ac / AA The ideal timeframe for a suitable strategy is a timeframe of 15 minutes.

Trading boom and 1000 index and crash 1000 index require good analysis, traders need to identify support and resistance before trading. Mastering the trade with boom and crash requires a good knowledge of market trends and chart discipline. Trading synthetic index and currency pairs is not only good for fundamental analysis, I also find it easier to do technical analysis before placing the trade profitably.

The PIP is a basic unit of measurement used in trading, and you need to know more to become a successful synthetic index trader. The Idol Capital How to Become a Synthetic Index Daytrader course gives an in-depth insight into the skills you need to succeed as a day trader. Forex Trading Strategies is a channel that helps both new and experienced forex traders to improve their forex trading.


For example, currency pairs can be traded in many sizes from $0.01 to $1.00 per account, which is a good decision for risk management. If you are lucky enough to earn, there is no guarantee that you will lose in your currency in a BOOM 500 trade. Glad you’re in the right place to get my foreign exchange trading and of course a VIX free.

My story for boom and crash for beginners

When I started trading in the boom and crash markets, I started my trading adventures as a scalper. In fact, in my first year of trading, I experienced more than 95% of the boom / crash traders I met as a scalper. This confirms the structure of the market: peaks / boom-buy and crash / sell situations, low risk / return ratio per day, swing trading, small lot sizes, etc.

In fact, in my first year of trading experience, 95% of the crash and boom traders I met were scalpers. I knew that the additional trading approach of scalping was the basic trading strategy that I thought was best suited to trading in boom and crash markets. boom and crash support and resistance which was organized in spikes in boom purchases and crash market scenarios, the minimum risk-return ratio in daily or swing trading, and the use of very small batch sizes.


boom and crash brokers

After all the money in my account was used up, I started looking for brokers. In the 8 months I spent researching, researching, evaluating, and studying broker systems, I found many of the things outlined above that traders should read to understand what is happening in binary and synthetic index markets.

They are a fantastic and lucrative asset class, but the Volatility Index has been described as a death trap for traders who lose money when they manipulate their index. It has its tricks and enticements for traders to make money given the lucrative payout options. Therein lies the trading strategy with regard to price actions.

A number of traders, both beginners and professionals, had problems with the market structure of the boom and crash index trading. This is because the market structures of the two markets and the currency pairs in both markets are organized in such a way that they buy and sell with peaks and periods of ticks. For example, when boom-boom 500 and boom-1000, crash-crash 500 and 1000 assets are traded, one can see the boom market selling defaults and the crash assets buying defaults.

In the Boom 1000 and 500 indices, i.e. A normal one-peak value arrangement that happens every 1,000-500 ticks. The Crash 1000-500 index averages a decline every 1000 to 500 ticks. And in the crash index, there is a normal depreciation that happens every 1000 or 500 ticks.

Realising that it is a self-destructive experience to trade $0.20 as part of $1.00, I explained the market structure in the basic phase through standard packages that allowed the trader to get 1 / 5 of a pip, rather than the other way around.


below you can find boom and crash strategy 2022 pdf download and use to make money online when trading . It is free and you can open it using pdf app






chart, trading, forex-840330.jpg

If  you come across to this article and want to trade boom and crash to make money then your on the right place . Trading boom and crash required 3 things to master and they  , Trading psychology. Money management and  strategy. Here we are going to explained them one by one and you need to pay good attention so you do not miss anything. The reason why people loose money is  because they rush and trade forgetting the rule that guild trade .


Psychology: according to the research and my discovery I found out that trading psychology is the most important that 55% and many people neglect it , So you may not know what psychology  is all about here I will explained it in a better  way that you can understand, psychology include fear, greedy, over confidence  and lack  confidence. This is very most problem people are facing and they neglect it just like that. For instance if one is trading with fear it can cost him or her lose money especially trading boom and crash. So to trade boom and crash you required a good courage and have confidence that you will win even If you don’t win you will still win another one .So removing fear in your trade can lead you to success . Let talk about greedy, being  greedy is can lead to wiping of account in a short period of time .Most people  rush the market and think they will make money or even increase their lot size in other to make a big amount of profit , but when the market reverse the begin to cry . A professional trader knows that market do not favour all the time therefore he will set stoploss to avoid excessive loss when such a situation comes . The amateur trade  without stoploss thinking the market willl always favour him. This is not adviceable.

Money Management: Most people loose their money because they lack money management and is good to control your capital while trading, It advisable not to loose 2 percent of your account when trading boom and crash indices, For instance if your trading with $100 then you need to stop strading once you you loose $20 and continue next day. if your trading with $1000 then do not loose more than $200 dollar in a day .

Strategy: Trading strategy is very important because you can make money if your using a nice strategy so it is important to apply good strategy while trading boom and crash indices. here i will explain to you strategy to use but depends on your ability. The strategy to use is using moving average 200 then add RSI then buy boom when Moving average 200 is below boom 1000 or boom 500 then sell crash when moving average is above crash 1000 or crash 5000



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