Are you searching on how you can be profitable trading boom and crash in this 2022/2023? Then keep reading

What is Boom and Crash Strategy?

This a process that that one can follow to achieve or win the the market. Trading boom and crash requires a good strategy

In this 2022/2023 It is a trading asset that can be classified under synthetic indexes. A novice trader can easily predict its movement as it has numerous small bearish candles and an occasional long bullish spike. Given the right tools and enough knowledge any trader can make consistence winning trades/profits by using good boom and crash strategy .

When trading boom one can buy or sell boom 500 but most of the time when you open Boom100/ 500 index it is always selling hence the right way is to trade the small bearish candles.

However selling boom can be stressful as you can be hit by an unforgiving spike.One must not worry about the long spikes as I am going to fully explain on methods that can enable us get profits from both trading spikes and trading small selling bearish candlesticks. Anyone can be asking what Crash 500 is, well it is just the opposite of what has been said above.

Crash 500 index has numerous bullish candlesticks and an occasional bearish candlestick which normally engulf six plus small bullish candlesticks.


Boom and Crash Chart

I have to be clear with everyone here that when anyone wants to start trading he or she must first of all understand charts formations, identifying direction of the trend and be able to spot zones of resistance and support all this can be made possible by indicators which are already installed in both MT4 and MT5.

I urge you all not to be confused as I am going to go through every aspect with you such that you can understand fully. Basically the different moving averages will show you the direction of the trend and one must understand that these Moving Averages also works as support and resistance zones.

Following are set of indicators that will be used to trade either boom or crash and they can be also used when buying crash or selling crash as well as selling boom or buying boom.

boom and crash strategy

The information displayed in the above pictures is essential when you setup your indicators. Basically what is needed are the 3 Moving averages and Relative strength index to start the ball rolling. Fig 1 shows how you set up your EMA 200 (Exponential Moving Average), the colour of the moving average you can put the colour of your choice.

In Fig 2 it shows you how you set up your EMA 50 but on this one you apply at median price please do refer to the above picture. Moving on in fig 3, this is the Exponential Moving Average 9 you apply it to close and you have to choose the colour of your choice.

Lastly on setting up indicators we have the relative strength index, use period 3 apply to close you have to put 3 levels. These levels are as follows, level 10 is strong buy, level 50 is take profit or wait and lastly is level 90 which is strong sell and again you have to put the colours that you like.

It will be much easier if you use the same colours as mine such that it will be less confusing when you are following my charts and examples later.


Finally when you finish up setting the indicators your chart should come up as follows

You should not be confused I only rotated my screen, having set up the indicators all you charts should appear as one above.

boom and crash strategy support and resistance

This is one of the most important aspect in this book hence one has to pay great attention to details because that is where all the magic begins.

First we have to define what we really mean by support and resistance in forex trading context. Support zone is a price level where a downtrend can be expected to pause due to concentration on demand. At times the price level can reverse or it can be broken meaning that there will be continuation in downward movement. Many traders take advantage of these zones to spot accurate entries.

The same can be said when it comes to resistance zones these are normally price ceilings, the price level will be actually beneath it. When identifying the either resistance or support zones one should not draw lines that pleases his or her eyes but rather draw lines that can be seen by any person it must not be hard to see or identify.


Top secret on how to trade boom and crash

Here I will show you one of top secret on how to trade boom and crash that you can use to be profitable in the market. Try and practice it before applying it because it works very well. Here you are going to use support and resistance.

We should know that when drawing support and resistance zones one should use bigger time frames i.e. 15m, 30m, 1hr and 4hr time frames then you use 1m time frame to take positions. I am going to insert pictures of examples of what I am talking about.

One should understand that resistance lines can act as support lines later if the price level breaks the resistance and later returns. Firstly let’s look at BLUE ARROW where it is pointing, (9060.617) the price level broke it at first then when it returned it was now a

resistant zone and again it was broken again but this time when the price level returned it bounced back upwards( makes it support zones). It retested the same level for about 4 times before it was broken again for the market to continue downwards.

Where the YELLOW ARROW is pointing is another support/resistance zones (8864.358) at first it acted as a support level which was later broken and it turned to resistance. The black arrow is pointing at (8709.672) it was a support which was broken into then turned to resistance.

This has to be understood very well because it is the foundation of the strategy.

As it can be seen in the above picture we can take positions from the information provided by the use of support and resistance. Also take note of the Moving averages both EMA 200 and EMA 50.

EMA 200 is giving us confirmation of the trend meaning that when taking sell positions they must be taken when price level hits our resistance zones. Take note that when market reverses you should wait until the reversal candle completes this is to ensure that surely the trend is in the reverse mode. With the information presented above there are several entry points that can be held.

Now let us look at another example, in the above picture we can see that two lines were drawn and the candlesticks were moving in a channel, each time when the price level reached support line it reversed upwards( left blue arrow). The line was acting as support zones and it is seen later that support line was broken.

As seen above it represents buying opportunities (when price level touches support). If we look at the two arrows to our right they shows a resistance line, market is reversing at that level and several retests has been noticed hence they means entry points (perfect selling opportunities). Ladies and gentlemen this information needs to be digested well, one should take more time grasping these concept such that consistence profits can be made.

Moving on, in the above picture we can see the indicators we setup that they are now at work. EMA 200(red moving average) has been telling us the direction of the trend. The chart above is Boom 500 index chart and it is clearly selling all the way. The next question will be how can we spot entries positions??? If you have been following you now know when to enter.

Those three arrows shows us the perfect time to execute trades. Since it is a down trend we sell, if you get your entries right it therefore means that there will be no fear for spikes as the market is on the downtrend.

The next thing that you should do is to set up your take profit; you should not be greedy as the market can be disastrous if you try to take everything. You should know that boom and crash do not respect stop loss, spikes are superfast that it can be hardly detected by our normal computers maybe super computers can do the job therefore we should be cautious.

boom and crash support and resistance

After we draw all necessary support and resistance we can go across all time frames and it should be noticeable. This strategy applies to both Boom 500 and Crash 500 even other trading assets, when you master the basics you have better knowledge about forex trading as a whole.

Furthermore after identifying support and resistance you can then come to the 1m time frame to see if you were accurate enough on identifying these zones. Below is the example and I have used the same support lines/levels that I have already identified before.

From the above information we can notice that from the support line 9060.617 respected the setup. It is clear that when price level hit that support zone it reversed not once but more than two times check out the areas where I put blue circles. Boom and Crash 500 respects support and resistance. We can all ask when the RSI index starts to work, well here is the example when you start to look at your RSI indicator

Firstly let us look at the purple arrow where it is pointing, it is actually pointing at strong buy region and please note that at times it might go beyond strong buy region. With boom 500

index when you are trading spikes that’s the area that you will be focusing on the most, then with crash 500 it will be the opposite will further look into it. Now look at the orange arrow, it is pointing at the support line 9060.617 meaning that the market will reverse.

You need at least two confirmations for you to enter a position, when the price level was rushing towards the support and when the RSI was also in the strong buy region one could take the trade knowing a spike will come. The above chart is in 15min timeframe meaning one candle is 15mins long.


Red arrow is showing us that the market entered strong buy and it stayed for a bit longer and eventually it spiked upwards. We should take into consideration that whenever we draw support and resistance lines accurately there is high probability that you will be in profit. Use of right lot sizes is key, it will make you stay in the game for long and it also makes it possible for you to withstand the small bearish candlesticks (Boom 500).

We now have to check out Crash 500 index, because we have been using Boom 500 as reference now it is high time that we use Crash 500 index chart so that you can see it is really easy to follow. Crash 500 index has small bullish candles and occasional bearish candles. When trading this asset you have to adhere to support and resistance zones for

you to catch crashing spikes as they happen. I am going to insert more examples on crash 500 index for easy referencing.

From the above picture I have drawn a resistant line (10541.734) which is easy to see from a distance such that anyone can notice the activity going on.

The price level 10398.465 (blue in colour) we also notice that it has been tested three times meaning one can draw a support line at that zone. Furthermore the two orange arrows are showing where the market reversed hence one can open sell positions when price action touches resistance line (10541.734). Since it is a 15min timeframe when you catch those spikes it therefore means you will be in good profits. Please bear in mind that we use bigger timeframes to draw support and resistance and it can be 15min / 30min / 1hr and 4hr

When we check at our moving averages we see that the moving average that shows us the trend’s direction is going sideways (check the formation of candlesticks inside the rectangle) it therefore means that the market is consolidating. The only way to spot entries is to use resistance and support areas. But again you should exercise great deal of patience so that you can spot good set ups which will put a smile on your faces.


The above picture shows us a different case from what we were talking about, firstly we look at the red arrow. It is pointing at the EMA200 and that alone can tell us the direction of the trend (downtrend).

At the beginning of this document I mentioned that the moving averages can be represent strong resistance/support level, take closer look in the green rectangle it is evident that the price level reached the EMA200 several times before it broke through (each time when it touched the ema200 we were presented with clear sell entries).

Finally when the market broke the ema200 it went up until it reached the resistance level 10541.734 (blue arrow) and it reversed again (more downward spikes).

This is how you catch spikes guys, there is no HOLY GRAIL in trading Boom and Crash 500 that gives you signals at your disposal. One should know that you have to employ the ideas that I have been talking about to enhance your trading and increasing your success rate.

boom and crash strategy 1 minute

This is the easiest strategy that can be followed by anyone. When you trading Boom 500

/1000 one should be selling and if it is Crash 500/1000 you will be buying. The ultimate goal is to try to avoid painful spikes at all cost. As any strategy it also has its drawbacks but I can guarantee that when on adhere to the principles of this strategy you can make consistence profits and enables one to withdraw profits frequently.

Rules of the 2 mins boom and crash strategy

The chart above is Boom 500 index in 1hr time frame, the two arrows shows EMA 200 which is confirming the direction of the trend. The blue arrows are pointing at resistance and support levels. When these zones are well identified they can be used for several days as boom /crash 500 markets goes up and down.

After we are done with the trend’s direction we then go to 1min time to enter the positions. Let’s refer to the picture below:

When we have a spike we then jump in the trade and sell two candles then exit. Let us look in the red rectangle there have been 5 spikes which means that 5 entries. We also look at the EMA 200 in the 1min time frame when it is above the candlesticks we can easily sell without fearing spikes.

Black rectangle also represents entry positions but at the same time can you see that if you try to prolong time in the trade you might have hit those long spikes.

As I said earlier when you sell boom 500 make sure RSI is above take profit zone check the blue rectangle and the green rectangle. Moreover when you look at the yellow rectangle it is evident that most spikes happened when the RSI indicator hit the strong buy area.

I encourage those starting Boom and Crash 500 to use demo accounts and perfect this 3strategy. As you practice it you get to understand the market better and it means that you can even hold trades for longer.


When you trade spikes you have no fear of losing one big chunk of your trading capital at once. If you are right in trading spikes it will be quite hard to blow your account. This is accompanied by other factors such as good money management and good calculation on your risk reward ratio. Like any strategy it has its own rules that must be strictly followed. Benefits of trading spikes is that you can set stop loss and trailing stop loss.

Rules of trading Spikes

We take a chart and analyse it very well, when it comes to trading spikes we have to be accurate as possible. Firstly we draw support and resistance zones and we should pay attention on moving averages as they offer entries. RSI indicator also plays a greater role as it gives confirmations on entries.

Let me explain before we go into more details and examples. When trading Boom, the rsi indicator should be at the strong buy region (price floor), for Crash 500 the rsi indicator should be at the strong sell zone (price ceiling). When we catch a spike we wait for market to hit the ema9 if it breaks it with more than 3 small candles we exit the trades, this applies to both crash and boom. Normally for us to hold on the trade we look for spikes that engulf more than 10 small candles at once, then we hold until it hits the ema9 if it do not spike more we cash out.

One has to draw support and resistance lines in bigger timeframes, having done that 1min timeframe can then be used to observe and take trades. Another thing that must be noted is that use recent areas of resistance and support to be more accurate on your trades.

Check out the picture above, it looks familiar right? I already drawn lines that represents support and resistance for Boom 500 index. Important factors that can be noted there are zones of resistance and support has been identified in bigger time frames.

Moving on we also see that the EMA 200 is above the candlesticks meaning that it is a downtrend (Boom 500), it won’t be ideal to trade we should then wait for the market to present us with an opportunity to trade. Let us look at another example that you guys should look for when you wish to trade spikes

Fellow traders check out the picture above it shows the right setups needed for one to trade spikes in Boom 500. In the black square we see that it is when the market changed direction and the EMA 200 is below the candlesticks which strongly shows an uptrend.

Let us look at the arrow in the square and then check the RSI indicator it is at the strong buy region, this the complete set up needed to catch on spikes. Now when we look at the resistance and support, they were changing from being resistance to support at some point.

When the market was moving towards the support that was another buy entry forming, then the confirmation needed to take the trade was the RSI indicator. Again EMA 200 acted (look in the circle) as a firm support and that was a buy entry one could take advantage of. There is nothing more to it guys this is all that is needed to trade spikes, if you trade two 30mins candlesticks you weekly profit target would have been hit.

Since we strictly adhere to the rules of this strategy we are good and that what’s needed.

Since we looked at Boom 500, let us now dwell on Crash 500 and put across all necessary information to sell crash 500. If you have been paying attention on Boom then one should not find it difficult to understand as it is just the opposite of what we have been talking about.

We use the support and resistance and moving averages to spot entries. As usual we look in the bigger timeframes for zones of resistance and support. Let us look at the examples below

The chart above is 30mins timeframe I only drew one support /resistance line which enabled to take trades. Compliance with the rules were met, EM200 must be above the candlesticks to ensure a downtrend. In the green rectangle we can see that the market was respecting both support and resistance (moving average 200). Since it is was a downtrend, when the market reached the EMA 200 was a clear sell and by executing that trade one was guaranteed many spikes.

As the trend continuing downwards let us look at the red arrows , there are series of spikes at zones of resistance. First is the red arrow at your left, then market reversed a little and when it got to the resistance and spiked down again. There is nothing more guys treat crash

500 as any other asset and keep on practicing in the demo accounts until you all understand.

I have reiterated that once you draw your support / resistance correctly you can use the same zones for quite a while. Let us refer to the following picture below

About 2 weeks later we revisited the chart and check the same resistance we identified has been respected several times. Look in the purple rectangle and look at the red resistance line (10541.734). Market has been reversing at that point and for trading spikes it would be again perfect spot on entries. The blue double arrow shows us that in indicator 1 window RSI indicator confirmed that indeed a spike was coming since it was in the oversold region hence a spike was imminent. Basically that’s what we look at when trading spikes.

Finally let us look at the last example on crash 500 which will be the 1min timeframe


Never make miscalculated move by trying to execute trades when all conditions are not met as you can lose your hard earned cash. Now if we go back to the picture above you see how important it is to identify resistance as most spikes originates from resistance areas when you are trading Crash 500 or even Crash 1000

In conclusion this strategy needs to be revisited over and over again until you understand how the charts move. I urge novice traders to practice more in demo accounts or to trade with small capital such that you can learn on handling emotions.

Boom and crash 500 respects resistance and support and these assets must be traded carefully. All the listed rules that I talked about must be strictly adhered to. When trading boom and crash you must use right lot sizes that will not lead to loss of capital in short period of time.


Forex Trading Psychology: Having expertise in market analysis or having extensive knowledge about Forex is not the only factor that determines that you will be making consistence profits using boom and crash strategy.

You may know many perfect 2min strategy and other successful strategies out there as well as using all the indicators out there, but if you don’t learn something that is very important then you will have a hard time making money in trading. Hence it is the skill needed to be successful of managing your own emotions.


Experienced traders are quite good and they do handle their emotions well. They exactly knows when to trade the market and when it’s better not to trade. The below are the ways how we all can handle emotions when trading.

  1. Don’t trade out of greed

This helps to avoid many things that will cause a stressful emotional response. And if you are really in fear or not in the mood to trade, simply avoid placing trades. It is better than placing a trade and losing money.

Experienced traders are aware of the uncertainty in the Forex market which is not the same as lack of confidence. It is just a fact in Forex, No matter how good your trading decision is, the market can unexpectedly go against your predictions at any time. If you clearly

understand this while placing a trade, you won’t get a shock when the trade results in a loss. All you need to do is to be fully prepared to face the loss. There is a saying: Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. You have to be mentally prepared to accept the loss you face. This will certainly reduce the impact of negative emotions. The Awareness of uncertainty is another crucial thing to understand when it comes to Forex trading psychology.

This is also related to greed. What do novice Forex traders do when they want to make some quick money? They just place trades with huge trading volume and lot sizes. But when you choose a huge lot size, you are also risking a huge amount of money.

While Forex traders who do this only consider one possibility and blinded by thinking how much they can earn if the trade goes well, they completely forget or ignore another possibility: If the trade doesn’t go as expected, they will lose a huge amount of money. Also, in a few more trades they end up losing their entire capital. We all should stay away from this type of trading and always follow a good risk management.

To sum up, understanding three important things about Forex trading psychology can make a big difference: Taking breaks when you are too emotional, always being aware of the uncertainty in the Forex market and practicing wise risk management. Prevention is better than cure

Avoid all possible ways that emotions can ruin your performance. Have a very good trading plan. Trading with good planning reduces risk and also prevents any emotions to affect your performance. You need to develop your own personalized trading plan and develop a solid trading discipline.

Once you have got three consecutive profit trades or losing trades, it is better to take a break. If you get three consecutive profit trades, your fourth trade may be entirely motivated by overconfidence. If you get three consecutive losses, your fourth trade will be driven by an extreme need to earn back the money you have lost.

Money Management Tips

Invest funds that you can afford to lose: please do not take stupid risks by investing money that you need for daily basics. This is because it’s possible to lose all your trading capital, and secondly, because trading with funds you live on will add extra pressure and emotional stress to your trading, compromising your decision making abilities and increasing the chances of making mistakes.

Keep your risk consistent: Most novice traders usually increase their positions sizes as soon as they make profits, which is one of the best ways to get your account wiped out. Keep your risk consistent!

Do not become over-confident and less risk-averse Just because few winning trades doesn’t mean that the next one is going to be profitable as past results do not guarantee future results. When you worked on your trading plan, you had to set up rules to decide about an effective size for your positions. This is just one step in establishing a successful trading method, now you need to stick to and follow your investment plan.

Bottom line: These tips are just the cornerstone to better manage your risk – as you research further, you’ll find other Forex trading tools and techniques for beginners or

professional traders that you can use to improve your trading career. Before using a live trading account, try to back-test your trading plan on a demo account until you fully understand how my two strategies works.



boom and crash scalping strategy

Trading boom and crash is just like trading any other indices. However the nature of boom and crash is a bit different from any other indices like vix 75, step indices. The thing about the family of boom and crash is it is mostly traded in one minute time frame. These indices are mostly traded using strategies and tools that will help you to catch the spikes as they are the most important and profitable .they give you profits in a matter of minutes than other indices and currencies, it will be just like trading events everyday like NFP.

boom and crash can be using price action as well but it will need the aid of tools to help and catch spikes. This strategy will help you to make profit consistently and to be honest with you forex is not a win win type of business they are loses that are incurred but the main goal in forex is to have a better winning percentage than that of your loses. Also in forex they is no 100% strategy … but if you follow this strategy you are guaranteed that 80% of your trades will make you profits.

spikes on boom and crash

Boom is for catching buy spikes and crash we always catch sell spikes whenever the spikes appear we need to catch them. We don’t buy crash and sell boom. We only sell crash and buy boom.

Boom 1 000 and crash 1000 has a tendency of continuing above 10 and below 90 respectively. This happens when the price has just lifted from a strong support in terms of boom 1000and also if the price is coming from a strong resistance… crash 1000 will also travel above 90 and avoiding spiking early whilst it has reached our sell area.

The price will always spike after it has reached the spiking levels. When the support and the resistance is very strong at which the price will be lifting from which can be checked in higher time frames and see if the market is on a strong support or resistance then you stay away from such a trade and wait for the perfect setups an when market I going to our direction …then its game up …we make money.

The best boom and crash strategy

there many best crash and boom strategy over there but the problem is how you can master them. Below are strategy for trading boom and crash.

some of them are very simple and i called them boom and crash 1 minute strategy because is very easy nd can be trade on 1 minute as well. see the top secret on how to trade boom and crash below:


  1. Relative strength index.
    1. set to period 14 apply to close
    2. levels must be 90,70,30.10


200 EMA-used as resistance when price is on down trend or support when price is on the uptrend.

Also used to show trend direction. When candles are below the 200 EMA it shows downtrend when they are above its shows that price is on uptrend. When the EMA is cutting between the candles the market then the price is ranging.

50 SMA- used as medium resistance when price is on down trend or support when price is on the uptrend.

Also used to show trend direction. When candles are below the 200 EMA it shows downtrend when they are above its shows that price is on uptrend. When the EMA is cutting between the candles the market then the price is ranging.

800 EMA- used as STRONG resistance when price is on down trend or support when price is on the uptrend.

Also used to show trend direction. When candles are below the 200 EMA it shows downtrend when they are above its shows that price is on uptrend. When the EMA is cutting between the candles the market then the price is ranging.

RSI- used to give signals for entry such as if the price is at level 10 and 30 you buy and the levels are the level 70 an 90 you sell.



The first thing is to draw your support and resistance in the 15 mins time frame and the after that we always turn to our strategy. The market will also find support and resistance at the 200 EMA hence for a buy these conditions should be met.

  1. When the price is below the 50 SMA look to buy when the RIS is at level 10.
  2. When market is ranging look for a buy opportunity at level 30 on the RSI.
  3. When price is near or above the 50 SMA look to buy when RSI is at level 30.
  4. When price reaches the 800 moving average you also look to buy.
  5. Always look to buy when price reaches level 30 and level 10.


A buy on boom 500

When the market is at the level 30 you enter a buy.Also when the price is on the strong support the 800 EMA in red we confirm with the RSI and then enter a buy then we catch our spike and make profit.

A buy on boom 1000

When price reaches level 10 and or 30 we consider the terms at the top and then we enter our trades catch spikes and make money.

Always make sure to consider the conditions we stated that should be followed when entering a buy.

When the price reached level ten look how it spiked and went upwards and made profits.

How to sell crash 1000 and crash 500

The first thing is to draw your support and resistance in the 15 mins time frame and the 1 hour time frame. After that we always turn to our strategy. The market will also find support and resistance at the 200 EMA hence for a sell these conditions should be met.

  1. When the price is below the 50 SMA look to sell when the RIS is at level 70.
  2. When market is ranging look for a sell opportunity at level 70 on the RSI.
  3. When price is near or above the 50 SMA look to sell when RSI is at level 90.
  4. When price reaches the 800 moving average you also look to sell.
  5. When price is above the 200 EMA you look to sell at level 90.
  6. When the price is above both EMA it will be on a strong uptrend you might wanna stay away from the charts at that time.


This is a sell on crash 1000.when the price reaches level 90 you look to sell and when price is at level 70 on the RSI you also look to enter a sell

When the price reaches the red moving average(800) it faced rejection hence resistance and price had reached the 70 level…. that was a clear sell right there..Then it also reached the black moving average (200) and it had reached level 70.. a sell signal again.

If you follow the trading plan you will make profits and if you apply proper risk management you will make profits.


We look to sell crash and buy boom. When you want to sell crash you need to visit the higher time frames like the 1 hr and see the direction of the market if the market is on a strong uptrend you might want to wait a little and wait for it to start retracing and find opportunities on the strategy.

Same applies to boom we always buy boom but before you start buying and using the strategy you want to make sure that the market is not on a strong downtrend.. The strategy is most profitable if you follow the rules of forex and price action which is.. going with the trend so always look to sell crash on a downtrend and buy boom on an uptrend. Look at the charts below.

This is when the market is on a strong sell on the boom market .it will pull under the 10th level while you expect it to spike… so if you buy against the trend and this starts showing on your RSI and probably you will start blaming the strategy whilst you were supposed to follow the trend and make money .always remember the trend is your friend.

This is an example of crash on a strong uptrend. See how it travels above 90 .hence you should always go with the trend.I-trend sentiment Boom and Crash free indicator Download

This strategy goes well when you are following the trend not when you are going against it.

Hence avoid buying boom at resistance levels and selling crash on support levels. Screenshots


Trading in the Forex market is a challenging opportunity where above average Returns are available to educate and experienced investors who are willing to take Above average risk. However, before deciding to participate in Forex trading, you Should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk Appetite. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

There is considerable exposure to risk in any foreign exchange transaction. Any Transaction involving currencies involves risks including, but not limited to, the Potential for changing political and/or economic conditions that may substantially Affect the price or liquidity of a currency.

Moreover, the leveraged nature of FX trading means that any market movement will Have an equally proportional effect on your deposited funds. This may work against You as well as for you. The possibility exists that you could sustain a total loss of Initial margin funds and be required to deposit additional funds to maintain your Position. If you fail to meet any margin call within the time prescribed, your position Will be liquidated, without prior notice to you, and you will be responsible for any Resulting losses. Investors may lower their exposure to risk by employing proper risk Management practices.

Risk Disclaimer for Forex Trading

Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite.

The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

Trade to withdraw with OptimusFxtrading   HELLO TRADERS

This document is going to be guiding you on how to trade Boom 500 and Crash 500. I am going to make it as simple as possible for many of you to easily follow. The main purpose of it is to enhance your trading experience and also help you make numerous withdrawals rather than deposits.

Which is the best strategy to trade boom and crash?

There is no best strategy for trading boom and crash you just need to master the one e that suit you

Which indicator is best for boom and crash?

There is no best indicator because indicator can repaint

How do you trade boom and crash profitably?

You can trade boom and crash profible by using good strategy and managing your risk

Is it good to trade boom and crash?

Yes because it easier than other trading pairs

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